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Emergency Operations Center (516) 677-5757
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A Message from Town Supervisor JOSEPH SALADINO


The Town of Oyster Bay is responsible for plowing snow from 750 lane miles of public streets. Our goal is to keep all streets open for emergency vehicles, traffic moving and to return roadways to a safe condition for winter travel, as quickly as possible. Your safety is our top priority!


Snow response operations involve the coordination of hundreds of trucks, pieces of equipment and employees. We pretreat roads before the storm to prevent ice. Once snowing, plow operators are instructed to “open up” each street- plowing a path down the center of the road for first responders to reach residents at all times. Plow operators return – making multiple passes to clear intersections and plow curb-to-curb.


To best plow your road, we ask that you move cars off the street and into your driveway, a neighbors driveway (with permission) or onto the sidewalk temporarily. You can also avoid shoveling the end of your driveway several times by waiting until the plow operation is complete.


You can sign up for Swift 911 by CLICKING HERE and following the links in order to provide us with your contact information. You can also call us at (516) 677-5350 and request the form to be filled out by you and returned to the Town in order to add your contact information to the Town’s emergency contact system.


For residents with Special Medical Needs- any resident who is a dialysis patient should register with the Town’s Highway Department so that your address can be placed on a priority snow removal list.  This will ensure that should a medical emergency take place, a medical emergency service vehicle can safely access your residence. To be added to the list or to check and see if you are on the current emergency medical list maintained by the Town’s Highway Department, please feel free to call (516) 677-5757.




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