Councilwoman Michele M. Johnson

54 Audrey Avenue
Oyster Bay, NY 11771
(516) 624-6307


Michele Johnson is a mother, wife, community activist and your Oyster Bay Town Councilwoman since 2013. Michele has a proven record of cutting wasteful spending, enhancing government ethics and protecting our suburban quality of life.  She has been a local advocate for environmental conservation and is leading the opposition against Governor’ Cuomo’s plan to construct a cross sound tunnel through Oyster Bay Harbor.

Councilwoman Johnson has worked tirelessly to restore taxpayers trust in government and instill the highest ethical standards while enhancing transparency.  She and her colleagues on the Town Board installed an independent ethics board with real and meaningful oversight.  Additionally, disclosure requirements have been instituted for town contractors, vendors and employees to prevent conflicts of interest.  Michele voted to create a new Office of Inspector General to protect taxpayers wallets and approved the appointment of a former Federal prosecutor to Town Attorney.  To enhance transparency, Councilwoman Johnson demanded the live-streaming of Town Board meetings on the internet and improvements to the Town website so it is user-friendly.  These efforts have been recognized by the good government groups Reclaim New York and Empire Center.

To right-size town government and protect taxpayers wallets, Councilwoman Johnson helped reduce the town workforce to the lowest level in a decade.  Full-time salaries are $10 million less today than they were in 2012.  As a result, a Town of Oyster Bay property tax cut of $1.3 million was approved for 2018.  Michele has also worked to tackle the town’s debt – reducing it by $85 million in 2017 – with plans to reduce debt another $50 million in 2018.  Together, this two-year debt reduction plan will cut the Town of Oyster Bay’s debt by 22% – the largest debt reduction in the Town’s 364 history.

Councilwoman Johnson knows firsthand the importance of delivering important services for residents.  She has worked to enhance local parks, improve amenities at our beaches and pools while bringing new pickleball courts to our community and renovating tennis courts.  Councilwoman Johnson has also worked with the Highway Department to develop a road rating system and voted to allocate millions toward roadway restoration in our neighborhoods.  Michele has combatted the zombie home crisis on Long Island by passing tough sanctions for banks and absentee landlords that allow properties to fall into disrepair.  Through her efforts, zombie homes have been torn down and homes throughout the Town have been cleaned up with costs billed to the owner.  In similar fashion, Councilwoman Johnson is working with Supervisor Saladino and State officials remediate the plume and hold Northup Grumman and the United States Navy financially accountable for groundwater contamination in Bethpage.

Councilwoman Michele Johnson practices law, and previously worked in government as a Nassau County Deputy County Attorney before bringing her knowledge and expertise to the Oyster Bay Town Board.  Michele is a licensed real estate broker and a member of the Nassau County Women’s Bar Association. She, her husband and three children reside in Locust Valley.