The Town of Oyster Bay Housing Authority is a State-created agency operating under federal contracts. Established in 1963, the Authority maintains 910 units of low income housing for seniors and families at 11 locations throughout the Town of Oyster Bay.

Housing Priority

Housing priority is given to those who reside within the Town of Oyster Bay. Depending upon size, location and availabilty, the waiting period for occupancy in an Authority complex can be 3 years or longer.

Complex Amenities

Every complex contains amenities such as laundry facilities and a community center. Although the Authority and the Town of Oyster Bay are legally separate entities, they cooperate in making social programs available to seniors at each complex.

Contact Information

The Housing Authority’s main office is located at 115 Central Park Road, Plainview, New York 11803. Those interested in housing opportunities can write to or call (516) 349-1000.

Town of Oyster Bay Housing Authority

115 Central Park Road
Plainview, N.Y. 11803

(516) 349-1000

James McCaffrey, Chairman
James E. Picken, Executive Director

The Housing Authority is an autonomous body responsible for maintaining housing for seniors and families on a fixed income. Prior to its establishment in 1967, there was no such housing in the Town. Since 1967, ten complexes, located in a special RPH-20 (formerly S-1) district have been made available to residents who qualify for tenancy. The ten complexes, totaling 910 units (852 senior and 58 family), are located in seven communities: Bethpage (2), Hicksville (1), Massapequa (2), Old Bethpage (1), Oyster Bay (1), Plainview (2) and Syosset (1).

A seven-member commission oversees the operation of the housing authority. Five members of the Housing Authority are appointed to five-year terms by the Town Board. The chairman is elected by the other commissioners and confirmed by the Town Board. Two tenant commissioners are elected to two-year terms by all the residents of the housing and then confirmed by the Town Board.

NOTE: The Housing Authority oversees only RPH-20 housing.