The Town of Oyster Bay offers a wealth of programs, services and activities for Town residents. Just click on the photo to visit the departmental page.


The Department of Community and Youth Services offers cultural enrichment, workshops, Music Under the Stars Concerts, the Distinguished Artists Concert Series, a Rotational Art Exhibit Program, Pre-Schools at two locations, and programs designed for the developmentally disabled, Senior Citizens and veterans.

The Department of Environmental Resources is committed to the protection, conservation, and improvement of the natural resources within the Town of Oyster Bay. The department is dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable plans to manage marine, fresh water and land based resources as well as the regulation and enforcement of policies geared towards environmental preservation.


The Executive Office is the Office of The Supervisor. The Supervisor is the chief elected officer and treasurer of the Town and serves on the Town Board with six elected Town Councilmen/women.

The Department of General Services provides a variety of essential services to all Town departments. The Commissioner serves as the property officer for the Town, accountable for the inventory of all fixed assets and property.

Highway Operations is a division of The Department of Public Works. The principal responsibilities of Highway Operations are road maintenance and repair, and snow, ice and flood control for the nearly 750 miles of road under Town jurisdiction, as well as the operation of public parking fields. Highway Operations also directs the operation of the Drainage, Public Lighting, Sign Divisions, and Trees and Sidewalk Division, as well as Town sumps.


The Department of Human Resources comprises three divisions that manage, administer and provide for the personnel needs, welfare and benefits of Town employees.


The Office of Inspector General is responsible for overseeing the Town’s contracting processes to further enhance transparency and ethics in the Town of Oyster Bay.


The main function of this Department involves obtaining federal and state aid in support of Town programs and administering these programs. The Department seeks sources of funding for Town projects, supervises the federally funded Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for the Towns of Oyster Bay and North Hempstead and the City of Glen Cove, and administers the Town’s Community Development Program.


The Parks Department has a multi-dimensional role: to provide and maintain park facilities, to develop and supervise recreational activities, to maintain the Town’s beaches, to supervise the operation of all marinas and boat launching ramps, and to operate an 18-hole nationally recognized golf course.

The Planning and Development Department is primarily concerned with land use and assists the Town Board in the orderly growth and development of the Town. The department is charged with the enforcement of all codes, rules and ordinances pertaining to building and zoning in unincorporated areas and supervises the issuance of permits for construction. The Town’s Economic Development Division also falls under this department.


The Department of Public Safety coordinates all available Town resources under one umbrella to develop and implement unified safety and security measures to prevent, mitigate and manage incidents, both natural and man-made, that threaten the quality of life of our residents and the critical infrastructure of our communities.

The Department of Public Works provides a variety of services including Highway Operations, the Town’s Animal Shelter, Central Vehicle Maintenance, and the Engineering Division.

This office handles the billing of property taxes on more than 100,000 parcels of land in the Town and acts as a collection agency for the State (Supreme Court), County, Town, special district and school district taxes based upon budgets adopted by the respective municipal authorities.

The Department of Sanitary Collection Services picks up nearly 1,000 tons of garbage each collection day. This department also oversees the collection of recyclables and yard waste as well as the STOP and Homeowner’s Cleanup Programs at the Solid Waste Disposal Complex.

Few people are aware of the depth and breadth of the role the Town Attorney’s Office plays in both Town government and the lives of Town residents. Almost every phase of government requires legal services, and the Town Attorney’s Office is on call 24 hours a day to the Town’s other departments and to special boards established by the Town.

The Town Board is the legislative body of the Town of Oyster Bay. Comprising the Supervisor and six Council members, the Board has the final responsibility for all matters pertaining to the operation of the Town, exclusive of incorporated villages. It exercises this authority in the form of local laws, ordinances and resolutions.


The Comptroller is the chief accounting officer for the Town and serves as fiscal advisor to the Town Board. The Comptroller is responsible for the fiscal management of the Town and oversees spending in accordance with the adopted budgets of the Town and some special districts.

The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining all Town records and recording vital statistics. The office also issues licenses and permits including shellfish, peddlers, parking, secondhand dealers, waste removal, hunting, fishing and dog, as well as birth certificates, marriage licenses and death transcripts. Passports can also be applied for through this office.