Commissioner Louis G. Savinetti
(516) 677-5943

The Department of Environmental Resources is committed to the protection, conservation, and improvement of the natural resources within the Town of Oyster Bay. The department is dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable plans to manage marine, fresh water and land based resources as well as the regulation and enforcement of policies geared towards environmental preservation. The department is also devoted to the application of developing technologies, collaboration with and education of the public to enhance environmental restoration effort, and work towards the universal goal of environmental stewardship.

Divisions within this department are responsible for the following for the benefit of present and future Town residents: Waterways, wetlands, forests, wildlife, air quality, soil quality and hazardous waste disposal.

Environmental Planning

TEQR and SEQR, EPA and DEC regulatory notices

Home Gardening Tips

Helpful tips for your garden- Native Planting, Rain Gardens, Composting and Grass Recycling

Pollution Solutions

Helpful tips for reducing waste, saving energy and protecting water

Shell Recycling Partner Program

Become a shell recycling partner and let us reuse your shells to help restore the local shellfish habitat in Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor.