Commissioner Richard Lenz
(516) 677-5757

The principal responsibilities of the Highway Department are road maintenance and repair, and snow, ice and flood control for the nearly 1,700 lane miles of road under Town jurisdiction, as well as the operation of public parking fields. The Highway Department also directs the operation of the Drainage, Public Lighting, Sign Divisions, and Trees and Sidewalk Division, as well as Town sumps.

CLICK HERE for Snow Storm Safety

Standard Requirements for Subdivision Roads and Other Public Improvements

From the beginning of April through the end of October, the Highway Department conducts a Street Sweeping program. A schedule and map are sent to every homeowner indicating the three scheduled sweeping cycles in their neighborhood. To obtain information call (516) 677-5757.

Any work done on public sidewalks, curbs or aprons requires a work permit from the Highway Department. Call (516) 677-5762.

Homeowner Application – Permit For Work On Town Right-Of-Way – Original must be acquired by calling the Town’s Highway Department at (516) 677-5884.


Any work done on public roadways requires a road opening permit from the Highway Department.  Call (516) 677-5905.

Links provided for temporary (2 attachments, click HERE and HERE) and permanent (one attachment, click HERE) road restoration under the Road Opening Permit program.

In addition, the Highway Department processes requests for block parties. You may print a copy of the Block Party Application below. For more information call (516) 677-5757.
Block Party Application

SIGN DIVISION (516) 677-5838
The Sign Division installs and maintains all traffic control signs, parking signs and street name signs in the Town. Residents should report any missing or damaged signs or other problems to this bureau. Requests for traffic control or parking signs should be directed to the Town Board.

DRAINAGE DIVISION (516) 677-5793
The Drainage Division is responsible for catch basins and Town sumps. Residents should alert this bureau if a catch basin on a Town road is overflowing or in need of cleaning or if there is any problem with a Town sump. To report a problem with a catch basin on a Nassau County Road or with a Nassau County sump, call (516) 571-6900. To report a problem with a catch basin on a State Road or with a State sump, call (516) 952-6702. When reporting a problem with a sump, it is helpful to have the number of the sump. It appears on a sign located on the entrance gate to the sump.

The Public Lighting Bureau is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all street lighting within the Town, excluding incorporated villages. In order for the bureau to respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry, it is helpful to report the address closest to the light, nearest cross street and pole number. It is also important to speak clearly and slowly, spell the street name and leave your name and contact phone number.

The Public Parking Division operates all of the municipal parking fields in the Town of Oyster Bay. The parking fields are for use only by Town residents, who must obtain a sticker from the Town Clerk’s Office.

TREE BUREAU (516) 677-5888
The Tree Bureau within the Highway Department assists residents when they have an issue with a curbside Town tree. If the tree appears to be declining (diseased) or raising the homeowner’s sidewalk slabs the homeowner will be asked to complete a “Tree Removal Application” so that we can send an inspector to assess the tree(s) as well as the integrity of the sidewalk.

CLICK HERE for a Tree Removal Application for a Town tree located between the sidewalk and curb or a tree located within 10′ from the curb.

The Tree Bureau can also assist residents if they have a “private” tree known as our Tree Preservation Program. A Private tree is one that is located on the front lawn, backyard or side yard.

CLICK HERE for a Tree Preservation Removal Application Application for a private tree, a tree that is NOT at the curb.

* NEW YORK STATE maintained roads include:

Long Island Expressway (495) Jericho Turnpike (25) Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (135)
Hempstead Turnpike (24) Hicksville Road (107) Sunrise Highway (27)
Oyster Bay Road (106)

NYS Department of Transportation: (631) 952-6702

* Nassau County roads include:

Old Country Road Bayville Avenue & Road Berry Hill Road
Buckram Road (Locust Valley) Central Avenue (Bethpage) Jerusalem Avenue
Motor Avenue (Farmingdale) Manetto Hill Road W. Main Street (Oyster Bay)
Merrick Road Newbridge Road Plainview Road
Round Swamp Road South Oyster Bay Road Stewart Avenue
Syosset/Woodbury Road Underhill Boulevard Woodbury Road