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Beaches Division Office
Town Hall South
977 Hicksville Road, Massapequa 11758
(516) 797-4114
Hours: M-F 9AM- 4:30PM


*For the safety of our residents as well as our staff, the Beach Office is closed until further notice. Please mail or email all Beach Office related applications or payments to the address above.






(516) 679-3900
Ocean Parkway, Massapequa
Ocean and bayside beaches, transient marina, spray park, playgrounds, restaurants. Read more…
May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-5PM, Lifeguards on duty at 9AM
Night Surf Fishing: May 1, 2021—Dec 31, 2021, 7PM-7AM


(516) 674-7100
Shore Road, Glenwood Landing
Beach, restaurants, picnic area, kayak racks, boat launching ramp, 267-slip marina, playground, swimming pool and half-court basketball. Read more….

May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM

Night Surf Fishing: January 1, 2021—Dec 31, 2021, 7PM-7AM

2021 Kayak/Dinghy Rack Application

To request a waiting list application for Harry Tappen Marina, please call the Beaches office at (516) 797-4111.


Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park and Beach
(516) 624-6202
Larrabee Avenue, Oyster Bay
Beach, playground, boat launching ramp, kayaking
May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM
Night Surf Fishing: January 1, 2021—Dec 31, 2021, 7PM-7AM

2021 Kayak/Dinghy Rack Application

To request a waiting list application for Theodore Roosevelt Marina please call the Beaches office at (516) 797-4111.


John J. Burns Park

(516) 797-7980

4990 Merrick Road, Massapequa

Seasonal Beach sticker sales, boat launching ramps, kayak launching, no swimming

May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM


Beekman Beach

West End Avenue, Oyster Bay

Passive Park, Kayak/Dinghy Rentals

2021 Kayak/Dinghy Rack Application


Centre Island Beaches
(516) 624-6123
Bayville Avenue/Centre Island Road, Bayville

Long Island Sound and bayside swimming, kayak launching
May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM
Night Surf Fishing: January 1, 2021—Dec 31, 2021, 7PM-7AM


Charles E. Ransom Beach
(516) 624-6160
Bayville Avenue, Bayville

Playground, no swimming
May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM


Philip B. Healey Beach
(516) 797-7994
Florence Ave, Massapequa

Beach, playground, splash pad.
May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM


Stehli Beach
(516) 624-6125
Bayville Ave, Bayville

Long Island Sound swimming, kayak launching
June 19, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM


Alhambra Beach

Alhambra Road, Massapequa

Kayak launching, no swimming

May 22, 2021 — Labor Day 2021, 8AM-4PM



*For the 2021 beach season, non-residents will no longer be permitted beach parking entry or usage of boat launching ramp facilities.



Daily Entry Fee for All TOB Beaches: $20
Town of Oyster Bay resident must be in vehicle and show driver’s license.


Seasonal Stickers: $60
Residents must present their vehicle registration and bring the vehicle they plan to drive to the beach since parking stickers are placed on the vehicle at the time of purchase.
Seasonal stickers will be available for purchase at TOBAY Beach, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park and Beach in Oyster Bay, and John J. Burns Town Park in Massapequa daily beginning May 8th, from 10am to 2pm, and at Philip B. Healey Beach at Florence Avenue in Massapequa, Centre Island Beach in Centre Island, Stehli Beach in Bayville, Ransom Beach in Bayville and at Tappen Beach in Glenwood Landing, beginning May 29.


Discounted seasonal beach stickers are available for Town of Oyster Bay volunteer Firefighters, auxiliary police, active military, USCG auxiliary, and veterans. Please email a copy of your vehicle registration, driver’s license, and proof of duty/discharge and a waiver will be mailed back to you.


Free beach parking is currently being offered to Town of Oyster Bay senior citizens, the disabled and those on social security disability without obtaining a Beach ID card from the Town Clerks office. To protect your health and safety during this COVID-19 pandemic, senior citizens and the disabled will simply be asked to show their driver’s license and registration from behind the window when visiting the beach for the first time this season. A parking sticker will then be adhered to the vehicle to ensure continued free access upon future arrival through the established Express Lane.  If seniors or those with disabilities choose to visit the beach in another vehicle, they must simply present their Driver’s License or Beach ID Card from behind the window and will then receive a free day pass. Although not required this season, seniors and those with disabilities can obtain a Beach ID Card without physically visiting the Town Clerk’s Office. Please visit the Town Clerk Residential Licensing page for an application and more information.


Returned leased vehicle:
Before returning your vehicle, please remove the sticker from the vehicle and place the pieces in a safe place. Bring your new vehicle with the same license plate and the original sticker (pieces) to the location you purchased it from and they will issue you a replacement.

Long term vehicle repairs or accident:
You must email the following documents to the Beach Division at for a temporary pass; please indicate whether or not you prefer your temporary pass be emailed back to you or mailed (you must be able to print temporary pass at home.)
• Letter from mechanic stating the vehicle is currently in their possession, anticipated time of completion, and identifying the vehicle by make, model, and license plate
• Photo of the sticker on the vehicle
• Information for temporary vehicle


These permits are free for all Town of Oyster Bay residents looking to fish at a Town of Oyster Bay beach between the hours of 7PM and 7AM. All individuals must have a NYS Fishing License to obtain a night fishing permit. A permit can be obtained by mailing or emailing the application to the Beaches Office. NYS Fishing Registration and vehicle registration(s) are required to obtain a permit. If mailing, please provide a copy of these documents.

Resident Night Surf Fishing License Application


Non-residents can now obtain a night fishing parking permit for the 2021 season for $50 per person with a resident sponsor.

Non-resident Night Surf Fishing License Application




In-water winter storage is available at Harry Tappen (Glenwood Landing) and Theodore Roosevelt (Oyster Bay) Marinas.  The season runs from December 1 to March 31.

RESIDENTS- $30 per foot

NON-RESIDENTS- $40 per foot

2020/21 Winter Storage Application



Launching Ramps are located at John J. Burns Town Park, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Beach, and Harry Tappen Beach.

Ramp fee collection will be in effect beginning Saturday, May 22, through Monday, September 6.


Resident Fees

Daily: $20.00

Seasonal Trailer Sticker: $65.00

Senior: Free with Town of Oyster Bay Senior Beach ID Card

Commercial: $400.00 (for boat haulers who drop off/pick up private vessels)




$90 per foot

Electric is an additional $7.50 per foot.



Please visit the HARRY TAPPEN BEACH, POOL, AND MARINA page for pricing on Tappen slip rentals.



Please visit the TOBAY BEACH & MARINA page for pricing on TOBAY slip rentals.



• One or more boat slips may be reserved for emergency purposes or other uses as directed by the Commissioner of Parks.

• One boat slip will be allocated to the County of Nassau for the use of a County Police Boat, without payment of fee for the year.

• All boats and boating equipment docked, berthed, located or left at Town facilities are so left at the sole risk of the owner of said boats or equipment and permission to so dock, berth or locate such property is conditioned upon the owner’s acceptance of said risk. All boat and boating equipment owners are reminded to obtain adequate insurance before making use of Town facilities.

• Senior rates apply to those residents 60 years or older whose name appears as the owner on the vessel registration. To receive the discount at Joseph J. Saladino Memorial Marina at TOBAY, boater must have a TOBAY Entry Card.

• Town rules, regulations and ordinances have been promulgated to create fairness among the members of the boating public. Violators of these rules, regulations and ordinances will be subject to revocation of the license pursuant to these conditions and denied the use of all Town facilities.

• All requests for refunds of fees must be made in writing and submitted to the Department of Parks. All refunds will be subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Parks.



How do I obtain a seasonal beach sticker?

Bring the vehicle you would like the sticker placed on with the vehicle registration and payment to any Beach facility or John J. Burns Park Boat Ramps. Beach stickers are not available at any Town Hall facility.


Are seasonal beach stickers available for purchase at the Beach Division office?

No. Seasonal stickers for beaches are only available at our beach facilities and John J. Burns Park.


How can Seniors access Town of Oyster Bay Beaches for free?

FOR THE 2021 SEASON ONLY, a TOB resident over the age of 60 can simply go the beach and show their driver’s license and registration form from their car window. A parking sticker will then be adhered to the vehicle, allowing them to enter the beach through the express lane during future visits. If visiting the beach in another vehicle, seniors can show their Driver’s License or Beach ID Card for a free day pass. This TEMPORARY policy was initiated to protect the health and safety of seniors during the pandemic.


What if my car is registered to my job? Can I still get a sticker?

Yes. You can obtain a special waiver by e-mailing a letter from your employer, on company letterhead, stating that the company car is your primary vehicle, along with copies of your proof of residency (tax bill, utility bills) and your driver’s license to


I have dual residences, can I get a sticker?

Yes. Just e-mail a copy of your car registration, driver’s license and proof of residency (tax bill or 2 utility bills) to to obtain a special waiver.


 Can I obtain a 4×4 vehicle permit to drive on the Beach?

The Town of Oyster Bay does not currently allow any non-authorized vehicles to drive onto any of our beaches.


 *For additional information about obtaining a Town of Oyster Bay Seasonal Beach Sticker, Discounted Beach Sticker for Volunteer Firefighters, Veterans, or Active Duty Military, Replacement Beach Sticker, or Special Waiver, please contact the Beaches Division at (516) 797-4114 or

*For additional information about obtaining a Town of Oyster Bay Senior Beach ID Card, Permanently Disabled Persons ID Card, SSC ID Card, and Clean Pass Vehicle waiver please contact the Town Clerk Office at (516) 624-6332.