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Boat Moorings in Oyster Bay Harbor

The Town of Oyster Bay manages approximately 700 moorings locations just off of Theodore Roosevelt Marina in Oyster Bay Harbor. Moorings are available to Town of Oyster Bay residents, and non-residents. Moorings can host vessels approximately 40 ft. and under. TOB Moorings are a convenient and affordable option for boating enthusiasts who are looking to access the waters of Oyster Bay Harbor and beyond.

Mooring permits:

TOB Residents- $50.00

Non- Residents/Commercial- $75.00

If you are installing the mooring yourself, it is an additional fee of $100 plus the mooring fee. It is required we conduct an inspection of your mooring prior to you dropping it in our harbor.

Make checks payable to: Town of Oyster Bay

Please notify us in advance so we can schedule an inspection. Permits are effective beginning April 1st to December 31st. Along with your application and check, please also submit a valid copy of your boat’s registration. We cannot assign you a mooring without all the require documentation. All vessels must be out of the water by December 31st.

For more information about boat moorings please call (516) 677-5811 or email moorings@oysterbay-ny.gov.

Dinghy/Kayak Rack Rentals

Many of our mooring permit holders utilize a dinghy rack conveniently located at Theodore Roosevelt Marina to access their boat on a mooring. The Town of Oyster Bay Parks Department manages the seasonal Dinghy/Kayak rack rentals for residents and non-residents. For more information on applying for a seasonal dingy/kayak rack please visit PARKS BOATING. Space is limited.