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Scouting in the Town of Oyster Bay

Welcome! The Town of Oyster Bay is home to many active Girl Scout, Cub Scout, and Boy Scout Troops. Supervisor Saladino and the Oyster Bay Town Board are proud to support scouts and their mission to build a better community. We offer numerous resources for our Scouts, including a guide to activities in the Town, list of Town-Run program opportunities, and phone directory for Scouts seeking to partner with Town Departments or Elected Officials.

The Town of Oyster Bay has been the beneficiary of many outstanding Gold Award and Eagle Scout Projects. If you’re currently pursuing one of these higher awards and would like to work with the Town, please navigate to our scouting phone directory below.

Town of Oyster Bay Scouting Activity Guide

From Raynham Hall’s exhibit on the Revolutionary War to President Theodore Roosevelt’s Summer White House, the opportunities for your troop to learn while having fun are endless in the Town of Oyster Bay. Visiting town landmarks and museums may also allow your Scouts to earn Badges (Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge for Boy Scouts and the Community Badge for Girl Scouts), in addition to other patches. Contact your Troop Leader or Scoutmaster to learn more about eligibility requirements.

Get to Know Your Town Bucket List

**Coming soon!**

Town-Run Program Opportunities for Scouts

Many Town of Oyster Bay Programs fulfill the requirements for your troop to earn various patches. A sampling of program opportunities is listed below:

Adopt-A-Spot Program: Troops are invited to “adopt” and beautify one of the town’s 200 parklets. Each group must commit to submitting a proposal and creating a plan, with the input of the Department of Parks, for the beautification of their spot. After successful completion of the initial phase of the plan, the Town will design and install a sign at your spot to recognize your commitment to keeping our communities beautiful. For more information, click here.

Become an Oyster Gardener: Together with the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Protection Committee, the Town of Oyster Bay is excited to offer residents the opportunity to raise their own Oyster brood right in Oyster Bay Harbor to help improve the local water quality. An adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day, enhances the marine habitat, and supports a sustainable shellfish population. The Community Oyster Garden program provides residents with the training, equipment, and ongoing support necessary to successfully “garden” juvenile oysters on community floats. Learn more by clicking here.

Attend an Environmental Event: The Department of Environmental Resources hosts various events throughout the year, including “Dune Day,” beach cleanups, harbor cleanups, poster contests, and more. Please click here for the latest updates.

Girl Scout Gardeners: Learn how to sow seeds, weed, do pest control, and harvest at The Farm at Oyster Bay. In the Girl Scout tradition of community service, all produce will be donated to Island Harvest. Contact Girl Scouts of Nassau County at (516) 741-2550 to register.

**Coming Soon** Tours of the Oyster Bay Hatchery and The Farm at Oyster Bay

Town of Oyster Bay Scouting Phone Directory

Supervisor Saladino, the Town Board, and Town Commissioners are happy to collaborate with Scouts. If the department you’re looking for is not listed below, please call Public Information at (516) 624-6380.

Office of the Supervisor and Town Board:

To schedule a tour of Town Hall, organize a meeting with an elected official, invite a town official to your event, or contact the Supervisor, please call (516) 624-6350 or email

Department of Parks:

To inquire about the Adopt-A-Spot Program, building a bench or memorial at a town park, organizing a park cleanup, or for any other matter related to park facilities, please call (516) 797-4128 or email

To reserve a picnic pavilion, please call (516) 797-4115.

Department of Environmental Resources:

To participate in the “Oyster Gardener” Initiative or any other Environmental Program, please call (516) 677-5730 or email

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