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Hurricane Season Runs From June 1 to November 30!


Storm Update From Supervisor Joseph Saladino (link active during a hurricane or weather related emergency)


Emergency Operations Center (516) 677-5757
Public Safety Emergency Management (516) 677-5350



A Message from Town Supervisor JOSEPH SALADINO

The devastating effects of recent weather-related disasters around the world, and the focus on issues relating to homeland security, have only underscored the importance of being prepared locally for any event that may disrupt our lives. It only takes one event, such as a severe storm, to devastate a community. We cannot afford to be complacent.

Disaster planning is everyone’s business. Please take time to prepare, plan and stay informed. The only real defense during an emergency is the informed readiness of our communities and our families.

The Town of Oyster Bay has installed an emergency notification system (SwiftReach or Swift 911) that enables the Town to call thousands of resident per minute to convey vital emergency information, These messages, which can be sent by telephone, e-mail, text or pager, are part of my commitment to use modern technology to protect the health, safety and welfare of our neighbors. Please follow the instructions set forth below to become our partner in public safety and emergency management.

You can sign up for Swift 911 by CLICKING HERE and following the links in order to provide us with your contact information. You can also call us at (516) 677-5350 and request the form to be filled out by you and returned to the Town in order to add your contact information to the Town’s emergency contact system.

There is no substitute for being prepared. You can download a copy of our new Hurricane & Storm preparedness safety guide containing vital information to help keep you prepared for emergencies. Please read it carefully and keep it handy for quick reference.