Town of Oyster Bay Employee Mission Statement

  • Pride oneself in delivering the highest level of services in a cost-conscious manner
  • Demonstrate fairness, honesty, integrity, and respectfulness in all aspects of employment and in full accordance with the Town Code of Ethics
  • Support the health and economic well-being of our citizens and businesses
  • Preserve our suburban quality of life
  • Encourage opportunities, deliver services and improve infrastructure to allow people of all origins and means to live, work and raise a family here
  • Address public concerns and opportunities promptly and effectively

Management recognizes the importance of an open door policy that allows employees to provide feedback and express opinions or concerns without fear of retribution. Together – elected officials, managers and the unionized workforce – we believe our Mission can be achieved only by the exchange of information and ideas, and that through teamwork we can maintain an environment in which our government and community can maximize its potential.