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Economic Development

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The Division of Economic Development is responsible for coordinating and managing programs related to the development and improvement of commercial and industrial properties. In addition, the division markets the Town’s unique travel and tourism opportunities and oversees the preservation and enhancement of the Town’s open space and its natural, historic and cultural resources.

Among many other objectives, this division is responsible for: Community Development and Revitalization, Travel and Tourism Development, and Open Space Protection.

Community Development and Revitalization
One of the many objectives of the Division of Economic Development is to administer and promote business and industry within the Town. The division serves as the initial contact for any business desiring to locate, relocate or expand in the Town. Personnel work with federal, State and county officials, as well as representatives from the local utilities, to promote sound, reasonable and environmentally sensitive economic growth.

A comprehensive team of Economic Development professionals is available to serve your business needs. Whether you are locating a new business or need help expanding an existing one, we are available to serve you.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Studying and evaluating plans for certain areas in order to formulate comprehensive goals and strategies for rehabilitation and revitalization.
  • Implementing and encouraging the expansion and development of diversified industries and businesses that will promote high quality employment opportunities.

Southeast Hicksville Brownfield Opportunity Area Study
On June 9th, 2014 The Town of Oyster Bay and the Southeast Hicksville Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Steering Committee co-hosted a Public Open House facilitated by the project’s team of consultants, including H2M, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis (NP&V), and Sustainable Long Island (SLI).

The Open House was the first public workshop conducted as part of the Southeast Hicksville BOA Step II Nomination Study, a New York State funded project focused on identifying steps to achieve revitalization of the study area. The Step II study includes refining the vision for Southeast Hicksville, identifying goals, objectives, and strategies for revitalization of the study area, and identifying opportunities for revitalization within Southeast Hicksville.

Travel and Tourism Development
The Division of Economic Development focuses on marketing the Town’s unique travel and tourism characteristics. Emphasis is placed on family travel, highlighting our open space and parks, as well as the historical and cultural attributes of our Town.

Open Space Protection
To provide an improved quality of life for our Town residents and future generations, the Division of Economic Development seeks to identify land to be considered for acquisition in order to preserve open space, historical landmarks, and other natural and cultural resources.