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Commissioner John Canning
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The Department of Human Resources comprises three divisions that manage, administer and provide for the personnel needs, welfare and benefits of Town employees.

Current TOB Collectively Bargained Employment Contract
*At this time the Town does not have any individual employment contracts

The Employee Benefits and Insurance Division oversees the administration of all medical, dental and vision programs, retirement processing, training programs, Worker’s Compensation and insurance matters for Town employees.

The Labor-Management Relations Division serves as the Town’s representative in all matters pertaining to negotiated contracts, agreements and understandings between the Town and the Civil Service Employees Association, the collective bargaining unit for Town employees. All matters relating to grievance procedures and contract interpretations fall within this division’s jurisdiction. This division also oversees the Town’s Employee Assistance Program.

The Personnel Division maintains the records of all past and present Town employees and serves as liaison to the Nassau County Civil Service Commission, as well as processing and administering applications for Town employment, both full and part-time, in accordance with Civil Service rules and regulations. For information regarding Civil Service examinations, you may want to visit

Standard Workday and Reporting Resolution 2017
Standard Workday Resolution 2017
Standard Workday Resolutions
Standard Workday and Reporting Resolution 10-2-12
Standard Workday and Reporting Resolutions 10-15-13
Standard Workday and Reporting Resolutions 4-1-14
Standard Workday and Reporting Resolutions 12-16-14
Standard Workday and Reporting Resolutions 7-12-16