Saladino: Town Accepting New Applications for 9/11 Walls of Honor

Saladino: Town Accepting New Applications for 9/11 Walls of Honor

Supervisor Joseph Saladino today announced that applications are now available for families to add the names of loved ones to the Town of Oyster Bay’s 9/11 Walls of Honor which recognize all those with a connection to the Town who gave their lives and succumbed in their battle against 9/11 related cancers and illness.  Each year, the Town inscribes into the Walls of Honor the names of family members, friends and neighbors lost to this toxic legacy.


Supervisor Saladino stated, “We remember and give thanks to those who ran into danger in order to help the victims of a cowardly act of terror.  This includes first responders, downtown workers, residents, students and so many others with cancer certified to be 9/11-related.  The events of 9/11 continue to take our heroes and survivors – and members of our community will continue to face darker days ahead.  We watch each week as more of these heroes pass, in an ever-increasing and unending number.  Just as many of these rescue and recovery heroes raced to the Towers the first minute the plane hit, and stayed until the last brick was turned, their memorial stands with and lead us to those we lost that tragic Tuesday morning.”


Reports from the World Trade Center Health program indicate that we are approaching a terrible milestone, in which approximately 43,000 people are being treated for medical problems and nearly 10,000 people have suffered cancers linked to the toxic exposure at Ground Zero.  More than 2,500 responders and others affected have succumbed to their illness.


The 9/11 Walls of Honor were constructed under an initiative led by Supervisor Saladino, the Town Board and a volunteer committee that includes retired FDNY EMS Lieutenant Bill Gleason, Retired NYPD Detective Tom Luberto, Deacon Dave White, Jericho Fire Commissioner Frank Sammartano, North Massapequa Fire Commissioner Ralph Raymond, Massapequa Fire Commissioner Justin McCaffrey and Rescue & Recovery Worker Joseph Pinto.


Applications may be downloaded here.


Please return applications to:

Town of Oyster Bay
Department of Community and Youth Services
977 Hicksville Road
Massapequa, NY  11758