Town Seeks Volunteers for Raingarden Party May 20th

Town Seeks Volunteers for Raingarden Party May 20th

Oyster Bay Town Councilwoman Vicki Walsh invites volunteers to join the upcoming Rain Garden Work Party at Theodore Roosevelt Park, to help maintain the Town’s raingardens which help prevent pollution. The event will take place at the Western Waterfront at Theodore Roosevelt Park in Oyster Bay on Saturday, May 20th, and volunteers should bring their own gloves.


“We’re inviting all those interested in native plant gardening to come join our spring rain garden work party and learn all about how rain gardens work while helping to maintain them,” said Councilwoman Walsh. “We will work with volunteers and our environmental partners to weed, rake, prune, plant and mulch while learning about the environmental benefits these structures have to offer. This fun program is good for all ages, especially those looking to obtain community service hours.”


Rain gardens were installed at Theodore Roosevelt Park in Oyster Bay in partnership with Friends of the Bay and the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District. Installation of rain gardens are a great help to the environment, as they help filter stormwater runoff before it enters local waterways. Rain gardens also help alleviate problems associated with flooding and drainage, recharge the ground water supply, provide habitat and food for wildlife and enhance the beauty of local communities.


“A rain garden is a collection of native plants placed in a small depression designed to slowly absorb rain water runoff. They have numerous environmental benefits, such as filtering pollutants, reducing flooding, and providing food and habitats to wildlife,” Councilwoman Walsh said. “However, they must be maintained regularly to ensure healthy soil, healthy plants, and a healthy community, which is why we’re seeking volunteers to assist with our existing rain gardens at the Western Waterfront in Oyster Bay.”


Volunteers are invited to gather at the Western Waterfront, 1 West End Avenue in Oyster Bay, on Saturday, May 20th. The Rain Garden Party will run from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Participants should bring work gloves, and community service hours are offered to participants. For more information, contact the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Environmental Resources at (516) 677-5730 or visit