Town of Oyster Bay Welcomes New Town Supervisor Joseph S. Saladino

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Town of Oyster Bay Welcomes New Town Supervisor Joseph S. Saladino

The Town of Oyster Bay welcomed a new Town Supervisor with the installation of Joseph S. Saladino as the 70th Supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay. Supervisor Saladino, a 13 year member of the New York State Assembly, served in the 9th Assembly District, where he worked to protect the local economy, ease taxpayer burdens and preserve the environment.

“I am thrilled to come home and get to work on rebuilding this beautiful Town,” Supervisor Saladino said. “Today we begin anew, to return Town government to a path that it followed for so many years; a path that made Oyster Bay a model of fiscally conservative leadership and which has provided residents with an unparalleled suburban quality of life.”

Supervisor Saladino noted he will spend the coming weeks and months working on outlining his goals for the new Town administration. “I will work to gain the faith and trust of our residents, by providing transparency and improving efficiency, as well as looking to provide affordability and fiscal integrity.”

In his new role, the Supervisor will use his over 30 years of experience as a government administrator, including the last 13 serving as an Assemblyman, during which time he pushed for government reform, tax reduction, and consolidation of state government. During his years in the Assembly, Supervisor Saladino worked to deliver on-time state budgets, bring ethics reform, cut spending and worked to eliminate a $10 billion deficit in the State budget. Additionally, Supervisor Saladino is known throughout the State for leading the charge to remediate the Grumman Navy Plume to clean up the contaminants in Long Island’s drinking water.

“We will save money. We will make Town government live within its means, while continuing to deliver top notch municipal services, the kind of services Town of Oyster Bay residents have come to expect,” Supervisor Saladino said.  “Working together, we can move Oyster Bay in a new direction and build a proud future, a future built on the foundation of the highest standard of ethics, strong hands-on management and rock solid fiscal practices. We will put the residents and taxpayers first.”