Town of Oyster Bay Hosts 2022 Induction Ceremony

Town of Oyster Bay Hosts 2022 Induction Ceremony

The Town of Oyster Bay hosted its 2022 Induction Ceremony with the swearing-in of Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilwoman Michele Johnson, Councilman Lou Imbroto, Councilman Tom Hand and Town Clerk Rich LaMarca.


“This great team has stood before you promising a new term that would be like no other – and boy, did we get that wish. We committed to using every talent and skill to guide this Town safely and professionally and overcome every challenge, and that’s exactly what we did when faced with the largest challenge in a century. While we continue to battle this pandemic, we have set a course which has become a template for others, and dealing with the pandemic was just the beginning,” Supervisor Saladino stated.


Supervisor Saladino and the Town Board have returned fiscal stability and trust to the Town of Oyster Bay, turning a $44 million deficit into a $47 million surplus, all while cutting taxes.


“We take great pride in these accomplishments, but it is the evolution to the finest services our Town has ever seen that makes us most proud,” continued Supervisor Saladino. “We delivered the promise to protect your way of life, improved our parks, our infrastructure and your experience in this most beautiful Town. To magnify this accomplishment, we did it while cutting and freezing taxes four years in a row. And you don’t have to take my word for it – two independent Wall Street firms have recognized our efforts with six bond rating upgrades while our residents see new roads, and our businesses see a new path to success which includes same-day permits, and a new user-friendly Town. 


“The new day in the Town of Oyster Bay is far from sunset. We’ve attracted many new companies and job opportunities to our Town. We’ve made great strides in downtown revitalization, investment in our infrastructure including roadways and improving services. Our vision for the future includes great improvements and a continuation of investment in road repaving, more downtown revitalization, the ongoing protection and restoration of TOBAY Beach, the remediation of the Grumman Navy Plume and overall preservation of our roadways, expansion of our local parks and environmental facilities. We are so excited about our future and continuing the great service to our residents,” concluded Supervisor Saladino.


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