Town Invites Residents to ‘Commit to Conserve’ in Wyland Water Conservation Challenge

Town Invites Residents to ‘Commit to Conserve’ in Wyland Water Conservation Challenge




Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Tom Hand announce the Town’s participation in the Wyland Water Conservation Challenge, a friendly national competition between municipalities across the country. Through the challenge, held April 1-30, residents are encouraged to make an online pledge to commit to the conservation of water in their everyday lives.


“We’re challenging residents to think twice about their water use and commit to conservation throughout the month of April,” said Supervisor Saladino. “This national challenge invites us to sign a pledge at, and commit to use water more efficiently, reduce pollution, and save energy. Participants also have the opportunity to win some great prizes and take home bragging rights over other local governments throughout the country.”


Last year, residents from over 2,000 locations throughout the country pledged to reduce their annual consumption of freshwater by over 1 billion gallons, reduce waste sent to landfills and prevent hazardous waste from entering watersheds. The challenge encourages participants to look beyond short term issues and look at the ways water use affects the future of our communities — from how we manage our coasts, lakes, and rivers to reducing polluted runoff.


“The Town of Oyster Bay is blessed with beautiful shorelines on its north and south shores, and our Town Board has continuously demonstrated our commitment to protecting our environment, our water quality and our shorelines,” said Supervisor Saladino. “We understand the importance of water conservation on every level and have taken many steps to protect our water supply. From creating a shellfish management program which helps keep our harbor clean to leading the initiative for the remediation of the Grumman Navy Plume, we’ve consistently shown that we are committed to the preservation of our most precious resource.”


Councilman Hand added, “Water conservation is something we can easily achieve each and every day. From watching sprinkler usage, repairing leading faucets and pipes, using reusable shopping bags and water bottles, to recycling plastics, metals and cardboard, we can truly make a difference.  It doesn’t take much, and every drop counts!”


To participate in the challenge and qualify for prizes, residents can visit and make their online pledge to conserve water in the Town of Oyster Bay. Municipalities with the highest percentage of residents who participate receive a chance to win money toward their home utility bills and many more eco-friendly prizes. Locations are categorized by population. Students and teachers are also invited to participate.


About the Wyland Foundation

Founded in 1993 by environmental artist Wyland (best known for his series of 100 monumental marine life murals), the Wyland Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through community events, education programs, and public art projects. Visit for information about the foundation.