Town Crews Demolish Hazardous Zombie Home in Plainview

Town Crews Demolish Hazardous Zombie Home in Plainview

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Lou Imbroto, Chairman of the Town’s Quality of Life Task Force, announce that crews demolished a dilapidated zombie home in Plainview today, following years of complaints from neighbors and failed inspections by Town Code Enforcement officers. This demolition marked the 22nd eyesore that has been taken down by the Town of Oyster Bay since the formation of the Quality of Life Task Force less than four years ago.


“Protecting our suburban quality of life is a top priority for the Town Board,” said Supervisor Saladino. “No community should be forced to deal with unmaintained and dangerous eyesores that serve as havens for swatters, rodents and other such problems. We will continue to make way for new families by tearing down zombie homes and charging banks or homeowners for the demolition costs due to long-term lack of maintenance.”


For health and safety reasons, a judge granted the Town permission to tear down this hazardous eyesore. Code Enforcement Officers had repeatedly visited this property due to deplorable conditions and lack of maintenance. The property stood vacant and unmaintained for over 10 years, and has deteriorated to extreme dilapidated condition, with multiple holes in the roof, leaving the interior exposed to the elements. The interior of the residence was in extremely poor condition, leaving unsanitary conditions and mold existing throughout, with rotting floors and joists, and signs of mold present. In the recent past, the rear extension of the home necessitated a partial demolition by the Town as it had collapsed into itself.


“Our Town has continued its mission to aggressively combat dilapidated properties through code enforcement and our demolition program,” said Councilman Lou Imbroto, Chairman of the Town’s Quality of Life Task Force. “Our Town Board takes quality of life concerns seriously and we will continue our efforts to safeguard our neighborhoods and protect our taxpayers.”


The Code Compliance Bureau of the Department of Planning and Development is charged with the enforcement of all codes, rules and regulations pertaining to zoning, housing and public safety. It is expressly designed to handle requests of citizens regarding possible violations.  To file a complaint, please visit