Emergency Notification System


To insure reliable and timely communication with its residents during an emergency, the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Public Safety has retained Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as its 24/7 Emergency Notification service provider, according to Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino.

“The SWIFT911™ system can make thousands of calls a minute to our residents to convey vital emergency information,” Supervisor Saladino said. “These messages, which can be sent by telephone, e-mail, text or pager, may include information on floods, fires, water emergencies, evacuation orders and weather emergencies.”

Like the enhanced 911 service residents already have through local emergency services and the Nassau County Police Department, the Town, through local telecommunications providers, has the primary land line phone numbers of all residents and businesses, both listed and unlisted.

Up to three alternate phone numbers and/or cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, text message or pager numbers that you provide to the Town either through the Town Web site or by mail, can also be called in addition to your primary phone number. An emergency message can even reach TTY (teletypewriter) phones used by those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

To have additional family members receive their own emergency notifications, it is important to provide contact information to the Town by logging on to the Town Web site, www.oysterbaytown.com and clicking on the SWIFT911™ link on the right of the homepage. For those who do not have access to a computer, call 516-677-5350 for a mail-in form to provide your information.

Accurate numbers in the database help to ensure that emergency information will be passed on to everyone in a timely manner. Residents who do not want to be called can also opt-out through the Town Web site or by the mail-in form.

“The SWIFT911™ system will be an invaluable life-saving device for getting information out to our community when threats of severe weather or other dangerous conditions occur,” Supervisor Saladino said. “Everyone who lives and works in the Town of Oyster Bay can feel a little safer knowing that we have implemented this system. I encourage you to update your contact information for SWIFT911™.”

SWIFT911™ Questions and Answers