Supervisor Signs Executive Order Restricting Speed in Oyster Bay Harbor for July 4th

Supervisor Signs Executive Order Restricting Speed in Oyster Bay Harbor for July 4th

Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino signed an Executive Order to restrict the speed limit for boaters and personal water craft operators not to exceed 5 mph throughout the harbor from 6 p.m. through midnight on the July 4th holiday. This order is put in place to protect the safety and welfare of all who enjoy the harbor for the holiday.

“The Town’s Bay Constable Division is intensifying patrols to make sure all boaters and personal watercraft operators act responsibly,” Supervisor Saladino said. “Keeping our harbor safe is a tremendous effort – one that we are achieving with the assistance of several outstanding agencies, such as the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Nassau County Police Marine Bureau, local fire departments and rescue crews.”

The Supervisor reminded all who operate a boat or personal water craft to be responsible while enjoying the July 4th holiday.

“As many of us know, holidays can often be a dangerous time as drunk drivers can get behind the wheel of a boat or car and put the lives and safety of innocent people in jeopardy.  Accordingly, our Bay Constables and other levels of law enforcement have a busy day ahead of them – patrolling the Long Island Sound, Oyster Bay Harbor and the Great South Bay in an effort to stop drunken boaters and keep our waterways safe.”

Supervisor Saladino noted that DWI and BWI are the most reckless things that someone can do and puts not only their own life at risk, but the lives of their passengers and other innocent people.

“We all know that everyone wants to celebrate the birthday of our country, but what we ask is simple – if you plan to drink, do NOT get behind the wheel of a boat, jet ski, wave runner or car. Instead, either don’t drink or choose a designee before going out,” the Supervisor said. “Remember, get home alive, don’t drink and drive!”