LaMarca Reminds Residents About GreenPass Beach Permit

LaMarca Reminds Residents About GreenPass Beach Permit

Oyster Bay Town Clerk Rich LaMarca today reminded residents of the availability of the Town’s Green Pass Beach Parking Permit for eligible Town residents who drive a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle. In order to qualify for the Green Pass Beach Parking Permit, which comes at no cost to eligible residents, the hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle must have an electric port from which it derives power.

“As the weather gets warmer and with residents no doubt looking towards the summer season, my office is reminding residents that as a way of rewarding those who already have chosen ‘green energy’ vehicles, and to further encourage others to do so, the Town offers free ‘green’ permits for parking permits at the Town beaches,” Town Clerk LaMarca said.  “Our environment is one of our most precious resources, and I am proud to offer this incentive to Town residents who continue to choose to ‘live green’ and do their part to cut down on harmful emissions created by our vehicles.

Residents who are looking to apply for the GreenPass Beach Permit are required to provide documentation, including proof of residency (utility bill), vehicle registration and lease agreement or vehicle bill of sale. The “green” beach permit entitles a resident to get a “green” seasonal beach sticker, which can be obtained at any of the Town’s beaches.

In the recent past, the Town has made significant strides to cut down on its dependence on fossil fuels, including using biodiesel fuel in Town vehicles and has also been using small electric vehicles where appropriate. Additionally, other vehicles have been converted to hybrid electric/diesel.

To obtain an application for a “green” beach permit, and for further information, CLICK HERE or contact the Town Clerk’s Office directly at 516-624-6324.