Councilwoman Walsh Seeks Volunteers to Help Senior Citizens Register for Smart911

Councilwoman Walsh Seeks Volunteers to Help Senior Citizens Register for Smart911

Oyster Bay Town Councilwoman Vicki Walsh today announced a new volunteer program that helps protect the lives of senior citizens. The Town of Oyster Bay is calling on students to volunteer in helping senior citizens register for Smart911, a free public safety service offered by the Nassau County Police Department that allows residents to provide 911 emergency call takers and emergency responders with one’s health condition, prescription medicines and other important medical information.


Councilwoman Walsh stated “With many senior citizens not utilizing a computer, this volunteer initiative allows students help their aging neighbors register lifesaving information with the Nassau County Police Department and ensure the highest level of emergency response during a critical time. The information we submit to Smart911 enables first responders to make better decisions more quickly when taking your call and arriving at your home during an emergency.”


Smart911 allows all residents to create a free safety profile for their household at that includes information necessary for 911 call takers to have in the event of an emergency.  Details can include names and photos of all family members, medical conditions, allergies, pets, and emergency contacts. The Safety Profile created by residents will immediately display to 911 call takers when receiving an emergency call, and also provides a way for residents to include information that will enhance disaster response such as power needs for medical equipment, evacuation assistance and sheltering needs. In the event of a natural disaster, public safety officials will be able to quickly determine which residents need assistance.


“Smart911 streamlines the time necessary to collect critical information and allows faster assignment and dispatch of responders to call locations with more information to assist the residents quickly,” added Councilwoman Walsh.


Smart911 also provides the capability to conduct Mass Emergency Alerting callouts, allowing residents to opt-in to receive emergency alerts from public safety officials based on geographic locations of events.  These mass notifications can be sent through various means of communications including phone, text or e-mail.


To volunteer your time registering senior citizens for Smart911, please call the Office of Councilwoman Vicki Walsh at (516) 624-6618.