State lawmakers are once again trying to override local zoning laws to allow for high-density apartment buildings to flood our neighborhoods in Nassau County. Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and the Town Board are leading the charge to stop them!

State lawmakers proposed a plan to grant “special status” to religious entities – allowing them to convert their property into high-density apartment buildings. In reality, this means over 1,100 properties in Nassau County could instantly be eligible for development into high-density apartment buildings that are five stories high, even if they’re located next to single-family homes. There is no question this misguided proposal will lead to negative impacts on the environment, traffic, parking, emergency services, police protection, local utilities and overcrowd our classrooms.

With costs of education at $36,000 per pupil on Long Island, an influx of students from apartments will cost local homeowners millions in higher taxes and stretch school infrastructure beyond its limits – at a time when New York State is proposing school funding cuts across Long Island. This population increase will also impact government services such as police, sanitation, sewage, drinking water, roadways, and more. Your taxes will soar.

We’re counting on you to Save our Suburbs, save our environment and save our way of life. Please sign the petition to Governor Hochul and State Lawmakers now!