Town Demolishes Longtime Community Eyesore in Massapequa

Town Demolishes Longtime Community Eyesore in Massapequa

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Louis Imbroto celebrated with local residents this morning when a years-long blight was removed from a Massapequa community.  A zombie home at 510 Clocks Boulevard in Massapequa, which has been the subject of many legal battles for years, was demolished by Town Highway personnel.

“The residents of this neighborhood suffered long enough with this dilapidated, unmaintained home,” said Supervisor Saladino. “When neighbors came to the Town for help, we took immediate action through all possible and legal channels. While this property kept us in the court system for some time, we were proud to finally remove this blight from Clocks Boulevard this morning.”

The Town’s Department of Planning and Development, in partnership with the Town Attorney’s Office, received a court decision for the Town to first gain legal entry into the dwelling to conduct a structural assessment.  Inspections revealed many instances of rotting wood, foundation cracks, deteriorating walls and ceilings, holes in the roof, evidence of animal infestation, and other non-maintenance violations. Following inspections, it was determined that the home was in fact structurally unsound and should be demolished.  The Town received a judicial order to do so and Town crews mobilized at the property.

Councilman Imbroto stated, “I am very proud to be the co-chair of the Town’s Quality of Life Taskforce, whose efforts brought forward the actions the Town is taking today.  We have been reviewing concerns our residents have submitted to the Town’s Code Enforcement Bureau for lack of maintenance on various properties, and our new legislation allows us to go after these properties and cleanup these eyesores in our communities.  Together with residents and local civic associations, we are taking back our neighborhoods by cracking down on code violations and holding absentee landlords and lending institutions accountable.”

Earlier this year, the Oyster Bay Town Board approved a comprehensive package of laws to combat zombie homes and fine property owners and lending institutions in violation of Town Code.  The new legislation further allows the Town to recoup costs associated with Town maintenance and demolition of vacant properties.