Town Creates Quality of Life Task Force

Town Creates Quality of Life Task Force

In order to protect and preserve the quality of life throughout the Town of Oyster Bay and address on-going Town-wide issues with illegal housing, non-maintenance of property, and other quality of life concerns, Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilman Louis Imbroto, Councilman Tom Hand and Town Clerk James Altadonna announced the creation of a Quality of Life Task Force.  Officials joined with local homeowners who recently filed a complaint with the Town regarding illegal room rentals in a home across the street in their residential neighborhood in Bethpage.

“This newly formed task force will focus on code enforcement for quality of life concerns such as illegal housing, zombie homes, noise, landscaping, and parking, amongst other issues,” Supervisor Saladino stated.  “The Town has been consistently recognized as one of the best places to live in the nation by numerous publications, and has seen a steady increase in the values of homes, properties and businesses.”

The quality of life task force will be comprised of representatives from multiple Town departments, including members of Code Enforcement, Department of Planning & Development, and Town Attorney, as well as contain members of local law enforcement and fire protection agencies.  This inter-municipal cooperation will put the Town in the unique position to crack down on these types of quality of life issues that may be plaguing our residents in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

“This task force will not only help protect our greatest asset, our quality of life, but also protect and preserve the safety and general well-being of our residents, as often these code violations can lead to dangerous and unsafe conditions,” Councilman Tom Hand added.

One specific quality of life issue that the task force will focus on is the rise of “illegal rooming houses” which have cropped up not only in the Town, but all throughout Nassau County.  Enforcement actions against these properties would be one of the task force’s top priorities, as it not only affects the quality of life of the neighbors, but the safety and well-being of the tenants.

“As a former prosecutor of illegal housing violations, I am proud to serve as liaison between the Quality of Life Task Force and the Town Board,” Councilman Imbroto said. “This task force will focus on issues both big and small, and will meet regularly to discuss recommendations for any actions to be taken to help protect the suburban quality of life the Town of Oyster Bay is known for.”

Town Clerk James Altadonna continued, “The rise of illegal rooming houses and zombie homes – which are not maintained by owners – cannot be allowed to threaten the quality of life our residents deserve.  Aggressive enforcement of our quality of life ordinances will protect our residents and preserve our town’s beauty and tranquility for this generation and the next.  At our direction, the Town Attorney is seeking court intervention to tear down zombie homes in East Massapequa.”

Residents who would like to report an issue of concern to the Quality of Life Task Force are urged to call Code Enforcement at (516) 624-6200.