Councilman Macagnone Offers Energy Conservation Tips

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As more and more residents have expressed interest in conserving energy and protecting the environment, Oyster Bay Town Councilman Anthony D. Macagnone offers some tips in energy conservation.

“The best place to start saving energy is at home,” Councilman Macagnone said. “Home heating and cooling systems use a tremendous amount of energy. By making sure they are operating properly, you can help maximize their efficiency and minimize their fuel consumption.”

Councilman Macagnone went on to remind residents that there are other ways to help keep heating and cooling bills down, such as finding and repairing leaks around windows, doors, foundations, electrical outlets, exhaust fans and attic openings. Additionally, lighting is another large energy consumer. Residents are encouraged to select energy-saving bulbs and fixtures when replacements are being made. Also, it is recommended that residents light only areas that are being used, and turn off the lights when you leave the room. You can also apply this same principle to televisions, home entertainment systems and computers.

Outside the home, the family car or SUV is the largest energy consumer. To help save fuel, make sure your vehicle is properly tuned up. Have the engine checked regularly to spot any problems that could be increasing fuel consumption. Short car trips consume more energy, so plan one trip to do your shopping and errands rather than taking individual trips.

“Conserving energy isn’t necessarily difficult,” Councilman Macagnone said, “but it does take some thoughtful planning. The result, though, is that we will use our resources more effectively while still obtaining maximum comfort and satisfaction from the energy-consuming products in our lives and, perhaps, saving ourselves a few dollars in the process.”