Governor Kathy Hochul’s Latest Plan will Destroy Our Quality of Life.



We’re counting on you to Save Our Suburbs by opposing the Governor’s plan to flood suburban, single-family communities with apartments. Time and time again, at public hearings and the like, residents have voiced displeasure with an increase of apartments and increased residential density in Nassau County.


While last year’s plan to eliminate single-family zoning failed to garner support from the State Legislature and municipal leaders statewide, this latest proposal will create the same negative result of turning suburban neighborhoods into overcrowded urban centers. Let’s face it; this plan would result in thousands of apartments and high density housing flooding every residential neighborhood, as well as spot zoning in which large scale apartment buildings could pop up next to single-family homes.


Town and Village officials throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties recently joined with concerned neighbors to voice opposition and concerns of how this urbanization plan would negatively impact the environment, traffic, parking, emergency services, police protection, local utilities and overcrowd classrooms.


Even worse, this plan removes the rights of residents to have any say over their communities. The rights of towns and villages to control development would be stopped, as well as your voice in the public hearing process faced by developers. This is a direct threat to democracy as the plan silences the voices of residents, and replaces your say over development projects with an unaccountable, bureaucratic board located hundreds of miles away in Albany.


We’re counting on you to Save our Suburbs, save our environment and save our way of life.