Saladino & Town Board Appoint Inspector General to Further Enhance Transparency, Integrity and Ethics

Saladino & Town Board Appoint Inspector General to Further Enhance Transparency, Integrity and Ethics

Building on earlier initiatives to enhance transparency and ethics, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and members of the Town Board today unanimously appointed Brian J. Noone as Inspector General to oversee all aspects of the Town’s contracting processes. This appointment is historic as the Town of Oyster Bay is the first local Town to appoint an Inspector General.

Supervisor Saladino stated, “The Town Board and I are fully committed to protecting taxpayers and restoring the public’s trust in government. The appointment of Brian Noone as Inspector General will provide the Town Board and residents with confidence that the proper rules and regulations are being followed when contracting with vendors and procuring goods and services. This appointment, along with new contractor disclosure requirements and employee ethics training, will help bring an even greater level of transparency, integrity and ethics to the Town of Oyster Bay.”

The Inspector General is charged with standardizing the Town’s purchasing and contract administration; monitoring compliance with all applicable procurement guideline policies, and requirements of federal, state and local laws; providing technical expertise to ensure all contracts, requests for proposals and bid solicitations are posted on the Town’s website, and expanding the Town’s access to municipal and state electronic systems to verify the qualifications and standing of potential contractors.

Councilwoman Rebecca Alesia stated, “I am confident based upon Mr. Noone’s extensive history of service to our country, his years of investigative experience with various law enforcement agencies and the additional benefit of his working with procurement contracts for a major utility company that he is uniquely qualified to hold the position of Inspector General.“

Mr. Noone’s extensive experience working with the FBI, CIA, and DEA makes him the most highly qualified candidate. Mr. Noone’s experience, specifically with National Grid, the second largest U.S. utility, provided him significant knowledge of procurement and bidding processes in his capacity as Vice President of Corporate Security. Throughout his careers in National Grid and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), he performed internal audits on budgets and overtime. Mr. Noone has extensive experience with uncovering concealed income, exposing the manipulation of financial systems, and investigating illegal money laundering related to commercial and trade fraud. Having 29 years of Federal interagency experience, Mr. Noone specialized in covert and overt international and domestic operations in intelligence probes, enforcement operations and clandestine business structures. Throughout his career with the DEA, he supervised trans-national jurisdictional matters into narco-terrorism, money laundering, kidnappings, homicides, drug smuggling and extradition of fugitives. He maintains connections with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and received the Medal of Valor from the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.

Councilwoman Michele Johnson added, “Mr. Noone has unique knowledge in law enforcement, contracting and internal auditing. Together, this experience will benefit the taxpayers of Oyster Bay. Mr. Noone will serve as a new safeguard to the contracting process. I thank my colleagues for allowing me to co-chair the search committee for Inspector General.”

In less than two years, Supervisor Saladino and the Town Board have enhanced transparency, integrity and ethics in government. To accomplish just that, the Supervisor and the Town Board took swift action to install a new, independent Board of Ethics with real and meaningful oversight. The Town Board and Supervisor have also instituted disclosure requirements for contractors, vendors and high level employees to prevent conflicts of interest and misdeeds. Additionally, a former Federal prosecutor was appointed to serve as Town Attorney. To enhance transparency, the Town Board and Supervisor enhanced the availability of information on the Town website and improved live-streaming of Town Board meetings. These reforms were long overdue and two independent good-government organizations, Reclaim New York and the Empire Center, recognized Supervisor Saladino and the Town of Oyster Bay for their accomplishments.