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2022 Theme: “How Plastic Pollution Harms Our Waterways.”


To raise awareness of environmentally sensitive issues and how they impact Mother Nature and our local community, the Town of Oyster Bay, along with Friends of the Bay and The Waterfront Center, invites 4th grade students to participate in a poster contest where students are encouraged to best illustrate what the theme means to them.  Each year the top 3 contest winners will be announced on Earth Day as part of the Town of Oyster Bay’s Earth Day Celebration. The Poster Contest is a great way to bring more awareness to critical issues that we face in our environment and help to inform those who create them and view them and help students retain their knowledge as they continue through life and help to make a difference.


For more information regarding the “Our Town, Our Environment” Poster Contest please call (516) 677-5801 or email