When the Flakes Start Falling

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Snow Safety Tips



When the National Weather Service predicts a snowfall of three inches or more, or when the Town Supervisor declares a snow emergency, all cars must be removed from designated snow emergency routes (Sec. 17-261).

  • Please remove cars from streets wherever possible. Arrange with neighbors to make use of driveways that are not being utilized. This will help get your road plowed more quickly and efficiently.
  • As an alternative to removing cars from the street, in odd-numbered years, cars should be parked on the odd-numbered side of the street and in even-numbered years, they should be parked on the even-numbered side of the street.
  • Please DO NOT blow or shovel snow from driveways or sidewalks into the street. It is a hazard to all vehicles.
  • Remove all obstacles from the roadway and utility strip (grassy area between the street and public sidewalk) in front of your home. This includes all sports equipment (i.e. hockey/soccer nets, basketball hoops, skateboard ramps and rails). Removing these items will help protect the safety of our snowplow operators and will help eliminate damage to your property.
  • Before the snow falls, remove debris from street catch basins. Once the snow begins to melt, it will flow freely into the basin instead of flooding streets and possibly turning to ice.
  • When a snow storm strikes, avoid driving. If you must drive, fill your gas tank and stock your vehicle with blankets, a shovel, flashlight and batteries, quick energy foods, a brightly colored cloth to use as a flag, booster cables, windshield scraper, set of tire chains, distress flares, first aid kit and a small sack of sand to generate traction. Let someone know your travel plans and estimated time of arrival.
  • Be careful at intersections when snow is on the ground. Heat emanating from idling cars melts the snow beneath the cars. The melted snow turns into icy patches and unsuspecting motorists skid when attempting to stop.
  • When snow removal equipment is at work with lights flashing, stay clear. This equipment moves slowly.
  • After a snowfall, please clear all fire hydrants of snow accumulation.