Town of Oyster Bay Hurricane/Coastal Storm Response Plan

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hurricane-prepWith the adoption of the Hurricane/Coastal Storm Emergency Response Plan by the Town Board, the Town of Oyster Bay has enacted a comprehensive plan for the residents of the Town.


“No one can be too prepared for a hurricane or coastal storm,” Supervisor Saladino stated. ” I, along with other Town personnel, have worked closely with county and State emergency management officials, to develop a plan that will serve as a guide during hurricanes, tropical storms and major nor’easters.


“The Town’s Hurricane/Coastal Storm Emergency Response Plan clearly outlines the specific responsibilities of everyone in Town government during every phase of a possible weather emergency, from observing the latest weather conditions days before a storm has the potential to strike to keeping the media and our residents up-to-date on the latest developments,” Supervisor Saladino continued. “It also provides for improved interaction between the Town and other agencies, such as the police and fire departments, as well as neighboring municipalities, to ensure that residents receive the necessary information and services to safely weather a storm, so to speak.”


The Supervisor went on to say that the plan will be activated as early as 72 hours before threatening weather becomes a possibility and will continue through the storm cleanup. The Town’s emergency response activities will be coordinated at the Town Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the Department of Public Works in Syosset. A special phone number, (516) 677-5757, will be activated 24-36 hours before the potential arrival of gale force winds for residents who need further information, such as evacuation warnings and emergency shelter locations, and to get assistance in evacuating.


“Under the Town’s plan, there are three levels of activation. Level 1, also known as preliminary EOC activation, will take place approximately 72 hours before the potential arrival of gale force winds. At this time, the Town, through its Emergency Management Coordinator, will establish contact with other agencies to keep them apprised of the storm’s progress toward Long Island and of the Town’s response activities associated with the threat.


Level 2, or partial EOC activation, will go into effect 24 to 36 hours before the potential arrival of gale force winds. At that time, decisions about potential evacuations will be formulated. All involved Town agencies, as well as the local police and the Town Fire Advisory Board (TFAB), will meet at the EOC to discuss needed actions. Following this meeting, representatives of the Town Supervisor, Town Attorney’s Office and the TFAB will remain at the EOC with the Emergency Management Coordinator.


At 24 hours or less before the arrival of potential gale force winds, Level 3, or full EOC activation, will go into effect. All agencies will have representatives at the EOC and Town personnel will be stationed at key locations ready to respond once the storm strikes.


“While Long Island has not felt the wrath of a major hurricane for many years, several nor’easters and coastal storms have paid us a visit,” Supervisor Saladino commented.” The Hurricane/Coastal Storm Emergency Response Plan will insure that, in a weather emergency, Town personnel are clear about their roles in ensuring the safety and welfare of our residents.”