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Planning & Development Applications, Permits and Forms

Residential Building PermitsCommercial Building PermitsDemolition PermitsWall and Ground Sign PermitsZoning Board of AppealsCode Enforcement Bureau
Plot Plan or Site Plan Certification AffidavitApplication for Permit to Build or InstallApplication for Permit to Build or InstallApplication for a Wall or Ground SignRules of Procedure for a Parent/Child ApplicationCode Enforcement Request for Investigation
Application For Permit to Build or InstallInstructions for Building Permit ApplicationsInstructions for Building Permit ApplicationsRules of Procedure Application for a Variance
Instructions For Building Permit ApplicationsFiling Instructions for Amendment to Building PermitAffidavit of Excavation or DemolitionApplication for an Amendment, Re-Hearing or Extension of Time
Residential Zoning Analysis Submission SheetCode Data WorksheetDemolition or Abandonment of Fuel Oil Tanks Affidavit
Affidavit of Footings, Foundations and Existing Support SystemsPreliminary Affidavit of CertificationProperty Owner Affidavit for Non-Existing Utility Hook-Ups for Demolition Purposes
Affidavit of Average SetbackPartnership Disclosure Affidavit
Request for Waiver of Complete Application RequirementCorporate Disclosure Affidavit
Contractor, Plumber, Electrician Submission FormFinal Affidavit of Certification
Change of Contractor, Plumber, Electrician, ArchitectBond Requirement Form
Approved Electrical Certificate Issuers Form
Worker’s Compensation Insurance Requirements
Notice of Truss Type Construction, Pre-Engineered Wood Construction and/or Timber Construction
Bond Requirement Form
Applicants Disclosure Affidavit



NOTE: If you wish to file a request for investigation, please do so together with proof of identity in the form of either a copy of your driver’s license, utility bill, or have your signature notarized before you send the form to the Code Compliance Bureau.


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