Town of Oyster Bay Appoints New Leaders in Various Posts

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In a showing of changes to come under his administration, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino announced the addition of new leaders to various Town roles. At the Town Board meeting held Tuesday, February 14, the Town welcomed a new Deputy Supervisor, Town Attorney, Planning Commissioner, and announced the appointment of a new Commissioner of Public Works. Included in the appointments is Joseph Nocella as Town Attorney.

“Few people are aware of the depth of the role the Town Attorney’s Office plays in both Town government and the daily lives of Town residents,” Supervisor Saladino said. “The decision to bring Joe aboard represented a unique opportunity to bring in someone who not only has an extensive background within municipal government, but also has a sterling track record as a federal prosecutor and litigator who has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

Town Attorney Nocella brings unprecedented credentials to his appointment as Town Attorney. Dating back to his time as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Eastern District of New York, where he was commended by the Director of the FBI for his efforts in prosecuting racketeering, extortion, and fraud cases, Town Attorney Nocella has proven time and again to have the highest moral and ethical standards, as well as a willingness to take on the toughest battles possible to protect the best interests of his fellow citizens.

In addition to a new Town Attorney, the Town Board voted to approve the appointments of Elizabeth Maccarone as Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development and Richard Lenz as the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works. The Supervisor also announced his selection of Gregory W. Carman Jr. as Deputy Supervisor.

Supervisor Saladino noted that each of these individuals brought a wealth of ability and experience to the positions they have been appointed to. “Elizabeth Maccarone has worked for the Town of Oyster Bay for nearly 30 years, nearly half of which were spent in the Town’s Department of Planning and Development, and will do an excellent job of increasing efficiency in that department while serving the residents and property owners of the Town of Oyster Bay in the best way possible,” Supervisor Saladino said.

“Gregory Carman is a talented, thoughtful, and thoroughly experienced individual who has been extremely active in making his local community a better place, both through public service as the former Farmingdale Village Attorney, and through endeavors such as chairing the Board of Trustees for the Hagedorn Little Village School Jack Joel Center for Special Children,” Supervisor Saladino stated. “Greg hails from a family with a distinguished history of public service, and I am excited to bring him on as Deputy Supervisor to help build a proud future for our great Town.

“Finally, Richard Lenz brings decades of municipal experience to his appointment as Commissioner of the Town’s Department of Public Works, a post he once held with fantastic results,” said Supervisor Saladino. “Recently, Richard has served as the Long Island Regional Vice President of the Society of Professional Engineers, representing Nassau and Suffolk County at the State level, looking out for the best interests to help maintain Long Island’s suburban quality of life.

“These four individuals have the best interests of their fellow citizens at heart, and will work diligently to help my administration return Town government to the path that it followed for so many years,” Supervisor Saladino said. “The Town of Oyster Bay and its residents truly are getting the whole package: public servants with unmatched dedication, the highest ethical and moral standards, as well as strong, hands-on administrators. I look forward to working with them.  We will put the residents and taxpayers first, and build a proud future for our great Town.”