The Town of Oyster Bay will begin hosting a weekly cardboard recycling drop-off program at three convenient Town locations. Under this new program, spearheaded and organized by Town Councilmembers Rebecca M. Alesia and Anthony D. Macagnone, residents will be able to drop off unwanted cardboard to be recycled on Saturday mornings, beginning June 4.

“This new program will not only generate less solid waste for the Town, but recycling cardboard also reduces the demand for new paper, thereby saving trees and decreasing the amount of pollution generated in new paper production,” Councilwoman Alesia said.

Councilwoman Alesia went on to note that the three locations for drop-off each week are as follows: Town Hall South, 977 Hicksville Road in Massapequa, the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Works facility, 150 Miller Place, Syosset, and the Lake Avenue Highway Yard, Oyster Bay. Drop off will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Under this new drop-off program, the following can be recycled: corrugated and paperboard, also known as boxboard. Both types of cardboard are acceptable. Common types of corrugated boxes are those used for moving and shipping, appliances, electronics, office paper, etc. Paperboard is commonly used for cereal and other food boxes, shoe boxes, soda and beverage cartons, tissue boxes, department store gift boxes, etc.

“The Town of Oyster Bay is committed to providing high quality, environmentally sound sanitation and recycling services,” Councilman Macagnone stated.  “By recycling cardboard, the Town is protecting the environment and saving tax dollars.”