Town of Oyster Bay residents are reminded to register for emergency notifications from the Town, sent out through the SWIFT911 service, Town Supervisor John Venditto announced.

“The Town’s SWIFT911 system has proven instrumental in the last few years in distributing emergency notifications to residents, specifically in events such as the several recent snow storms we’ve experienced,” Supervisor Venditto said. “Through our SWIFT911 notifications, the Town is able to communicate effectively to our residents before, during, and after such storms, with important information such as safety tips, program and activity changes.”

The system is key in events such as Hurricane Sandy and Tropical Storm Irene, where inclement weather crippled our power grid and other utilities.

“During those events, the Town was able to communicate effectively to our residents before, during, and after such storms, with critical information such as evacuation orders, and humanitarian aid efforts post-storm,” the Supervisor stated.

Residents are encouraged to register more than just their primary number with the service, in case of an event such as Hurricane Sandy, which left thousands without access to their landlines.

“One of the primary benefits of the SWIFT911 system is that if residents register their cell phone numbers with the service, they will still receive the automated robo-calls that the Town would send out, with critical information,” Supervisor Venditto stated.

To register, go to the Town’s website, and click on the SWIFT911 link on the right hand side of the homepage. If you do not have access to an internet connection, written requests to be added may be sent to the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Safety, 150 Miller Place, Syosset, New York 11791. Additionally, if you are already on the list, and would like to remove yourself, you may do so in the same manner.

All the calls received by residents will have the Caller ID of the Town of Oyster Bay. “This notification system is one of the most cost effective of its kind, and can be an invaluable life-saving device for getting information out to the community when threats of severe weather or other dangerous conditions occur,” Supervisor Venditto said.

For more information about the program, contact the Town’s Department of Public Safety at (516) 677-5350.