Saladino and Labriola Announce New Turf at Field in John J. Burns Park

Saladino and Labriola Announce New Turf at Field in John J. Burns Park

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Steve Labriola today announced that the Town has completed the replacement of a turf field at John J. Burns Park in Massapequa. The field, effectively known as Mustangs Field as the Massapequa Mustangs football organization calls it home, has been completed in time for the upcoming summer sports season.

Supervisor Saladino stated, “This field is the home turf of our Massapequa Mustangs and has been used steadily over the years by a multitude of sports organizations, exceeding its useful life. With new turf, this field looks more beautiful than ever! This field replacement is one of the many improvements made by my administration across the Town. Together, the Town Board and I are moving Oyster Bay Town forward!”

Replacement of worn turf fields are an anticipated expense and necessary to ensure that athletes are playing on the finest and safest surface possible. The field at John J. Burns Park is used nearly every day of the year for lacrosse, soccer, and football teams. This field serves as home to various sports camps and booster clubs that support high school athletics.

Councilman Labriola added, “The new field is made of the latest generation infilled turf system which is more durable and provides a better replication of natural grass for our athletes. The field is well-suited for play in all weather conditions, as the turf will not get soggy or muddy. Let’s get ready to cheer on the Mustangs as they take to the field on their new home turf.”

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