Receiver Stefanich Announces 40-Day Penalty Free Period Begins Now for Second Half General Taxes

Receiver Stefanich Announces 40-Day Penalty Free Period Begins Now for Second Half General Taxes

Town residents are reminded that the Second Half of the 2019 General Tax Levy was due on July 1st, but can be paid without penalty through August 12th. Please be certain to sign your check, payable to James J. Stefanich, Receiver of Taxes. Indicate your property’s S.D. Code, Section, Block, Lot and Phone number on the check.

“By law, a taxpayer has a 40-day penalty free period from the date the tax is due during which payment may be submitted,” Mr. Stefanich explained. “After the 40 days, a one percent penalty is added for each month the tax remains unpaid, retroactive to July 1st.”

Residents can pay in person, by either cash, check, or credit card (for a service fee) at the Tax Office, Oyster Bay Town Hall West, 74 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, or by check only at our office in Town Hall South (rear entrance), 977 Hicksville Road, Massapequa. When paying the tax bill in person, taxpayers are reminded to bring the entire tax bill with their payments.

Residents, who prefer to mail in their payments, should send them to the Office of the Receiver of Taxes, 74 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771-1539. Payments being made by mail should include the second half stub. Residents should NOT write on, fold, staple or otherwise deface the tax stub as it can cause the computer system to reject payment.

Residents now have free access to tax bills online with the ability to pay taxes through ACH check payment or credit card. These services are available through a link on our Town website, Residents should be aware there is a service fee if they chose to pay taxes online (Town of Oyster Bay receives no portion of fee).

“When calling the Tax Office for information on property taxes, residents are requested to have the school district, section, block and lot numbers of the property in question available. This information is listed on the tax bill and on the property deed.”