Receiver Stefanich Advises Late General Taxpayers of Last Chance

Receiver Stefanich Advises Late General Taxpayers of Last Chance

Receiver Stefanich advises Town of Oyster Bay property owners who missed paying their 2018 General taxes by the August 10th deadline, that they can still avoid additional interest and fees beyond the standard 2% late payment penalty.

Late payers should immediately contact the Receiver’s office at 624-6400, if they did not receive a second notification with a delinquent tax bill.  Payments postmarked after August 31st cannot be accepted since the collection warrant will have expired. Those payments must be sent to the Nassau County Treasurer at 1 West Street, Mineola, New York 11501.

Stefanich pointed out, “Failure to pay taxes before the collection warrant expires will result in a delinquent tax lien proceeding with the possibility of the lien being sold next February.  Continued failure to pay all taxes levied against the property will result in your loss of the property”.  

In September, the Nassau County Treasurer will be mailing notices to all property owners with taxes in arrears.  Receiver Stefanich advises homeowners who fall under those circumstances to contact the Nassau County Treasurer at 571-2090 to determine the amount in arrears.  They may also visit the Treasurer’s office at 1 West Street, Mineola. 

Receiver Stefanich noted, “I want to make sure that property taxpayers in Oyster Bay do not jeopardize their home ownership because they were unaware of the consequences of not responding to notices from the Town or County”.