Pravato: Equipment Upgrades Result in More Timely Tax Bills & Savings for Taxpayers

Pravato: Equipment Upgrades Result in More Timely Tax Bills & Savings for Taxpayers

Oyster Bay Town Receiver of Taxes Jeffrey P. Pravato today announced that General Tax bills have been mailed to direct payers – two weeks earlier than expected – and information is now online for those seeking access.  Over the course of a two month transition period, Receiver Pravato worked with the former Tax Receiver to upgrade equipment and modernize the office.  In prior years, the mailing of tax bills was slowed down as the Office was solely reliant on outdated printers and a single insertion machine to mail 65,000 tax bills.  While cutting office expenses, Receiver Pravato was able to upgrade the printers and purchase an additional insertion machine.  As a result, tax bills were mailed two weeks earlier than past practice and the amount of overtime incurred by Town taxpayers was less than budgeted – saving taxpayers money.


Receiver Pravato stated, “Over the past two months, I had the opportunity to work with former Tax Receiver James Stefanich to implement several efficiencies.  By upgrading equipment and cutting expenses, we were able to better serve the residents of our Town and come in under budget with fewer overtime expenses.  We will continue to make these common-sense changes in the Office of the Tax Receiver and keep taxpayers first and foremost in mind.”


Taxpayers can access 2020 General Tax information at  Residents may view tax bills, print out a hard copy, or pay taxes with an ACH check payment or credit/debit card (subject to third party fees, no portion remitted to the Town of Oyster Bay).  For more information on property taxes and/or payments, residents may call at (516) 624-6400.  Callers are requested to have the school district, section, block and lot numbers of the property in question available.  This information is listed on the tax bill and on the property deed.


About the Receiver of Taxes Office

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Office of Receiver of Taxes. This office collects taxes for various special districts and 14 school districts, and disburses the monies to school district treasures without charge.  Its other functions include billing and collection processes, encompassing complete banking, record maintenance, mail and accounting functions.  The department also collects, free of charge, Nassau County taxes on properties within the town borders.