Hazardous materials can be found in almost all households, according to Oyster Bay Town Councilwoman Michele M. Johnson, who announced that the Town has available to residents an informative brochure entitled Hazardous Material Alternatives.

“Some chores around the house require using products containing hazardous substances,” Councilwoman Johnson said. “There are many instances, though, when we can choose a non-hazardous or less hazardous alternative product to get the same result. This brochure provides a list of hazardous materials and what can be used in their place that has the same efficiency as the hazardous substance.”

Councilwoman Johnson went on to say that any resident or organization interested in obtaining a free Hazardous Material Alternatives brochure can pick up one at the Town Halls North (Oyster Bay) and South (Massapequa), the Department of Public Works (Syosset) and at major park facilities, or call or write to the Public Information Office, Oyster Bay Town Hall East, 54 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771 (624-6380). A copy can also be downloaded here.

The Councilwoman noted that if you must use products with hazardous components, use only the amounts needed and share leftover material with neighbors. If you need to dispose of leftover household hazardous materials, please bring them to a S.T.O.P (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) program. The Town has a brochure detailing the S.T.O.P. program and listing the dates and locations of the program. A copy can be obtained through the same venues as the Hazardous Material Alternatives brochure. In the case of used motor oil, recycle it at a participating service station or retailer or deposit it in one of the Town’s waste oil igloos, located at the Solid Waste Disposal Complex, Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Road, Old Bethpage, Tappen Marina, Shore Road, Glenwood Landing; and Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Marina, Bay Avenue, Oyster Bay.