When to Evacuate

hurricane-prepIn the Town of Oyster Bay, rimmed both north and south by water, flooding can endanger lives. If an evacuation of coastal areas is ordered, evacuate immediately. High tides and strong winds may cause early flooding and make low-lying roads impassable. One foot of water can move 1,500 pounds. Seventy-four plus mile per hour wind can uproot large trees, rip roofs from houses and demolish homes. Learn the best evacuation route before a storm forms. Make arrangements to stay with friends or relatives inland until the storm has passed and don’t forget to take your “Disaster Supplies Kit.”

Tune in to local radio and television stations:

WINS (1010 AM)
WCBS (880 AM)
WGBB (1240 AM)
WGSM (740 AM)
WNYG (1440 AM)
WHLI (1100 AM)
WKJY (98.3 FM)
WALK (97.5 FM)
WBAB (102.3 FM)
WBZO (103.1 FM)

NEWS 12 Television
FIOS 1 Television

Tune your NOAA Weather Radio to 162.550 MHZ for up-to-the-minute National Weather Service forecasts, warnings andmore, 24-hours a day.When you purchase a NOAA Weather Radio receiver, you are actually purchasing part of the National Weather Service network. The network is constantly upgrading its technology to provide the best, up-to-the-minute weather reporting services possible.

Tune your television to News 12 Long Island or FIOS 1. If evacuation is ordered, it will be announced, along with evacuation routes and shelter locations.