How to Prepare for a Hurricane

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hurricane-prepAssemble a DISASTER SUPPLIES KIT Essential supplies should include:

  • A battery-operated NOAA weather radio, a portable radio and flashlight with extra batteries.
  • A basic first aid kit, including prescription medications, and don’t forget prescription eyeglasses for your family.
  • Non-perishables such as dry milk, boxed drinks, peanut butter, canned meats, tuna, beans, bread, crackers, cereal, dried fruit, non-electric can opener, paper plates & utensils.
  • Blankets, pillows, extra clothes, set of car keys, health insurance I.D. card, credit cards and extra cash.
  • Photo I.D. (drivers license)


  • Make arrangements for temporary shelter for pets in the event of evacuation. Pets are not permitted at hurricane evacuation centers.
  • Establish an out-of-town phone check-in number that family members can call in case of separation during the hurricane. Keep all calls as brief as possible. Bring cell phone or smart phone, with extra batteries and charging cables.
  • Fill clean containers with fresh water from the tap before the storm hits.
  • Fill your car’s gas tank. Evacuation may be necessary.
  • Make sure all necessary medication is available and prescriptions filled.
  • Have battery-operated lanterns on hand. Do not use candles.
  • Check fire extinguishers.
  • Store all lawn and patio objects that could blow away.
  • Place important papers in a waterproof container or in a safe deposit box.
  • Check with elderly neighbors or shut-ins. Set up a buddy system to help them prepare for the hurricane and include them in evacuation plans.
  • Hold family meeting to discuss evacuation procedures.
  • Purchase flood insurance.
  • Do not tape glass windows with an X, but do close curtains.
  • Take before and after photos of your home to document any damage.