When do I pay my taxes?

Town and school taxes are payable quarterly to James J. Stefanich, Receiver of Taxes, starting January 1st. There is a 40-day penalty-free period between the due date and penalty date. If you miss the last day to pay without penalty, you will be charged a penalty retroactive to the original due date.

Why do I make my check payable to a person rather than the Town of Oyster Bay?

When paying taxes by check, make the check payable to:

James J. Stefanich, Receiver of Taxes

    Mr. Stefanich, the Receiver of Taxes, is an independently elected official. He is personally responsible to the residents of Oyster Bay for ensuring that the tax dollars he receives are properly distributed to schools, county, town, and other special tax districts.

When are Tax Bills sent to residents?

The School Tax bill, which includes both payment stubs, are mailed in October. The General Tax bill, including both payment stubs, are mailed in January. If you have a mortgage, your tax bills will be sent directly to your lending institution.

What is the standard Tax Payment Schedule?

General Tax 1st half due January 1st,
payments accepted without penalty until February 10th.

General Tax 2nd half due July 1st,
payments accepted without penalty until August 10th.

School Tax 1st half due October 1st,
payments accepted without penalty until November 10th.

School Tax 2nd half due April 1st,
payments accepted without penalty until May 10th.

What happens if I miss the tax payment due date?

Taxes are due on the first day of the month as stated in the above question and answer. Following a forty-day penalty-free period, a one-percent penalty per month must be applied retroactive to the due date.

After May 31st, at the end of the School Tax collection period, and after August 31st, at the end of the General Tax collection period, taxes in arrears will be payable at the County Treasurer’s Office located at 240 Old Country Road, Mineola, New York 11501. Taxes in arrears will be subject to an additional charge and interest penalty. If said taxes with interest and penalties are not paid on or before the third Monday of December, the tax lien on the property against which said taxes are levied will be advertised. If said taxes with interest, penalty and listing charges remain unpaid on the third Tuesday in February of the following year, the amount of the tax lien, if sold, shall include the cost of listing and advertising.

How and where do I pay my taxes?

Taxes can be paid by any of the following methods:

  • Using a check and mailing to us.
  • Point of sale (POS) *credit/debit cards only in our Oyster Bay location. (fee charged – see below)
  • You can view your tax bills and pay on-line by CLICKING HERE.
  • You can use either * Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover or a personal checking account for payment. Please note there is a service fee involved if you choose to pay your taxes online. New York State law mandates that the Town of Oyster Bay receives no portion of the service fee – this fee is retained by the payment processing vendors enabling the transaction.
  • The online system is available to our residents to view and pay taxes for their properties. Commercial entities may contact our office to obtain an annual subscription.

When do I get an official receipt for my payment?

When tendering your taxes in the Receiver of Taxes Massapequa Office, it is the ultimate responsibility of the resident to provide us with the correct tax stub and correct check.

Additionally, your receipted tax bill, hand written tax receipt, or printed acknowledgement of tender is NOT proof that your tax bill has been paid.

Following an internal audit and clearance of your check, an official receipt will be issued if requested.

When are mandatory $10.00 duplicate fees collected?

Mandatory ($10.00) duplicate fee(s) are to be paid by person(s) other than property owners, (i.e. Banks, Title Companies, Attorneys etc.). In order to process your payment it must include the mandatory $10.00 duplicate bill fee (a separate check to be mailed along with the tax check) for each payment or include an original tax payment stub, or it is deemed an incomplete transaction and will be returned for those fee(s). Under N.Y. State Real Property Tax law and the Administrative Code of Nassau County, the Receiver of Taxes is not permitted to accept a payment other than for the complete amount (base payment with appropriate fees and penalties that apply). If a payment is short the required amount, the Receiver of Taxes is obligated to return the transaction for correction. If the timing is such that the returned item becomes late, all appropriate fees and penalties must be added to the corrected transaction. For further information please call (516) 624-6400.

  • You can mail payments to the Receiver of Taxes, Oyster Bay Town Hall West, 74 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, NY 11771-1539. You may also pay in-person there, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., by cash, check or credit/debit card.
  • If you prefer, you can pay in-person by check (cash not accepted) at the Receiver of Taxes counter located in Town Hall South, 977 Hicksville Road, Massapequa, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM.
  • When paying your taxes in-person, bring your entire tax bill (bill and stubs) with you. A staff member of the Receiver of Taxes will record your payment on the actual tax bill.

What if I have a question about my tax bill?

You can visit the Oyster Bay tax office at 74 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, or call (516) 624-6400. A knowledgeable staff member will be happy to assist you.

Is there a discount for paying my taxes in advance?

If the full year’s tax (single payment) is paid on or before the first half due date, a 1% discount will be allowed on the second half tax amount.

I’ll be moving to the Town of Oyster Bay, should I notify the Receiver of Taxes?

Yes. New York State law requires the property owner to notify the Receiver of Taxes’ Office immediately so future bills will be mailed to you directly. A delay could result in a missed due date, resulting in a penalty.

I’m thinking of buying property in the Town of Oyster Bay. How do I find out the current taxes?

Call the Receiver of Taxes at (516) 624-6400 and a staff person will assist you. For faster service, have the school district, section, block and lot numbers ready. This information can be found on an old tax bill.

I’m thinking of making a home improvement. Will this affect my assessment?

It may result in a change of assessment through the Nassau County Department of Assessment. For further information, refer to our “Home Improvements & Assessment” brochure or call the Nassau County Department of Assessment at (516) 571-1500.

When are Tax Receipts sent to residents?

  • Only residents who directly pay their taxes and mark the check-off box of their second half tax stub will receive tax payment receipts. The tax receipts for the School Tax are mailed to residents during the latter part of June. General Tax receipts are mailed to residents during the latter part of September.
  • All residents who have their taxes paid by lending institutions will receive four tax receipts (School Tax 1st and 2nd halves and General Tax 1st and 2nd halves). These receipts will be mailed in March, June, September, and December.
  • Residents, who pay both halves of the School Tax before the first half due date, will receive their receipt in December. Residents, who pay both halves of the General Tax before the first half due date, will receive their receipt in March.

Can I pay my taxes using my Banking Institution’s online payment feature?

  • Yes, but make sure you make the payment two weeks or more before the tax due date. Bank online payment checks are usually mailed without a United States Postal Service postmark date on the envelope. Even though your checking statement shows that the money was taken out of your account, your check may not reach us in time. If your check is received after the due date without a timely postal cancellation date, it will be returned to you for a late penalty.