Hicksville Athletic Center
167 S Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801

Town of Oyster Bay programs (516) 733-8418

Nassau County Police Athletic League programs (516) 342-6057

The Hicksville Athletic Center is run by the Town of Oyster Bay, in conjunction with the Nassau County Police Athletic League, and offers a variety of sports and activities for adults and children.

The Town of Oyster Bay runs several sports and fitness programs for both men and women 18 & over.  Our sports programs include Volleyball, Badminton, and Basketball.   Fitness programs available include Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and Cardio Kickboxing.  Each program runs for approximately 10-12 weeks and is offered four times a year.

The PAL also offers a variety of programs for youngsters of pre-school age through 12th grade.  These programs include Volleyball, Soccer, Ballet, Super Sports, Cheerleading, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Dance and more.

Residents are reminded to bring their tax or utility bill and driver’s license as proof of residency when registering for the Youth programs, as Town of Oyster Bay resident fees are discounted.

For registration information, call the Nassau County PAL at 516-342-6057.  

TOB Winter 2019 Hicksville Athletic Center Adult Fitness Programs

TOB Winter 2019 Hicksville Athletic Center Co-Ed Volleyball

TOB Winter 2019 Hicksville Athletic Center Badminton 

TOB Winter 2019 Hicksville Athletic Center Co-Ed Basketball

The Town of Oyster Bay Department of Community and Youth Services offers exercise classes during the day on Wednesdays. TOB seniors can benefit from Tai Chi, General Exercise, and Balance and Coordination classes. For more information and additional class schedules, please contact 516-797-7940.

The Town of Oyster Bay Hicksville Athletic Center is also home to The Morgan Center Pre-School Program, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing preschool-aged children who are undergoing treatment for cancer the opportunity to interact and socialize with each other, in a safe environment that stimulates cognitive and social development. For more information on the Morgan Center, visit www.themorgancenter.org.