Oyster Bay Town Councilman Joseph G. Pinto is proud to announce that the Town has partnered with Long Island Green Homes; a trusted non-profit energy efficiency project, to provide homeowners with a FREE comprehensive home energy assessment.

“The energy assessment helps identify areas in your home that might be wasting energy, and offers affordable energy improvements to fix any problems,” Councilman Pinto explained. “Taking advantage of this free energy assessment is the first step towards reducing your energy bill and making your home a more comfortable place to live in.”

The free energy assessment process begins with a brief conversation between the applicant and a Long Island Green Homes Energy Navigator where they would discuss any potential energy issues as well as recommendations from the Navigator for eligible rebates and discounts. The Navigator will then arrange for a certified Long Island professional to conduct a free comprehensive energy assessment (a $300 value) for the applicant and identify any health and safety issues. Following the assessment, the certified contractor will provide a report of the energy efficiency for the applicant’s home in addition to available efficiency upgrade options. The applicant is then free to authorize any work and improvements they would like performed by signing a final agreement with the contractor.

“Regardless of where you live, every Long Island homeowner can participate in this program,” Councilman Pinto said. “These energy assessments are important because making homes energy efficient not only protects the environment, it also fosters economic activity and creates jobs in local communities. To learn more about the program or would like to schedule an assessment, call Long Island Green Homes at (800)-567-2850 or visit longislandgreenhomes.org.”

Councilman Pinto went on to say that homeowners can obtain a free brochure that offers more information regarding Long Island Green Homes and the free energy assessment program. Any resident or organization interested in obtaining a free brochure can contact Councilman Pinto’s office at (516)-624-6319.