Councilman Pinto Announces Opening of New Planning and Development Annex

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Councilman Pinto Announces Opening of New Planning and Development Annex

Oyster Bay Town Councilman Joseph G. Pinto announced that the Town of Oyster Bay has opened an annex of its Department of Planning and Development. The annex is situated at the Town Hall South Facility located at 977 Hicksville Road in Massapequa.

“This location will allow greater accessibility for residents on the Town’s south shore who wish to drop off and pick up materials and begin the process of securing building permits,” Councilman Pinto said. “Prior to the annex, south shore residents had to travel to Oyster Bay to pick up a building permit application or have assistance with reviewing their paperwork. I know how busy our hardworking residents are. I believe this may help free up some of their precious time.”

The Department of Planning and Development Department is primarily concerned with land use and assists the Town Board in the orderly growth and development of the Town. The department is charged with the enforcement of codes, rules and ordinances pertaining to building and supervises the issuance of permits for construction.

Construction work, such as the installation of a deck, swimming pool or other alteration or addition that is not inspected properly can raise serious questions with respect to structural integrity. In addition, faulty plumbing or electrical work can lead to many other problems that can put lives at risk.

“The building permit process can now begin conveniently for all Town residents,” Councilman Pinto said. “Quality workmanship that meets legal building codes is a wise investment, creates peace of mind and ultimately saves time and money down the road. Best of all, the process can now begin from a convenient location for all.”

Councilman Pinto also noted that residents can now easily embark upon a Town amnesty initiative designed to allow residents to obtain the necessary permits required on building improvements previously done to their homes. “Town of Oyster Bay residents are being afforded an amnesty period to secure these permits, without having to incur stringent penalties,” Councilman Pinto said. “Additionally, the Town Board is looking to extend the amnesty period into the new year, providing a further convenience for our residents and allowing all to take part in the program.”