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Residents Reminded to Clean Up After Their Dogs

Oyster Bay Town Councilman Joe Muscarella reminds residents of the importance of cleaning up after their dog.
“There are four main reasons residents should make sure to clean up after their dogs,” Councilman Muscarella stated. “Dog waste pollutes our groundwater and bays, it is hazardous to human health, it is a nuisance for you and your neighbors, and, most important, it is illegal not to in the Town of Oyster Bay.”
The Councilman noted that the [Read More]

Supervisor Venditto: Residents Reminded to Register for SWIFT911

Town of Oyster Bay residents are reminded to register for emergency notifications from the Town, sent out through the SWIFT911 service, Town Supervisor John Venditto announced.
“The Town’s SWIFT911 system has proven instrumental in the last few years in distributing emergency notifications to residents, specifically in events such as snow storms we experienced last winter,” Supervisor Venditto said. “Through our SWIFT911 notifications, the Town is able to communicate effectively to our residents before, during, and [Read More]

Councilman Macagnone Asks Residents to Help Keep Catch Basins Clean

With the arrival of the fall season, Oyster Bay Town Councilman Anthony Macagnone asks residents to help keep catch basins clear of debris, especially of newly fallen leaves, in an effort to prevent local street flooding.
“On streets throughout the Town of Oyster Bay, you can watch rainwater travel along the curb until it disappears into an opening called a catch basin,” Councilman Macagnone stated. “As the name implies, it is a basin designed to [Read More]

Town of Oyster Bay Invites Residents to Learn to Skate

Registration for Winter Skating Lessons Begins October 19th
Town of Oyster Bay residents are invited to “Learn to Skate” this winter by registering for skating lessons at the Town of Oyster Bay’s Ice Skating Center, located at 1001 Stewart Avenue in Bethpage, according to Oyster Bay Town Councilwoman Rebecca Alesia.
“The ice skating center offers skating class for residents all throughout the year,” Councilwoman Alesia said. “Registration for Series 2 (November 3rd through December 21st) will [Read More]

Residents Invited to Send Photos for Consideration for Town Publications

Oyster Bay Town Councilman Joe Muscarella invites residents to submit their photos for consideration for use in a Town publication.
“Publications such as the 2014 Summer Guide or Town Calendar features some of the many great photos submitted by our residents,” Councilman Muscarella said. “As the Town is currently putting together its calendar for 2015, residents are invited to submit pictures for consideration.”
The Councilman noted that photos are accepted all year long, as photos are [Read More]

Town of Oyster Bay Supports Volunteer Firefighter and Police Auxiliary Recruitment

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto said the Town of Oyster Bay is committed to assisting in the recruitment of Volunteer Firefighters and Auxiliary Police Officers. “Our volunteer emergency service personnel are the life’s blood of our communities throughout the Town of Oyster Bay,” Supervisor Venditto said. “The Town of Oyster Bay is doing its part by building awareness to the ongoing need to replenish the ranks of volunteer fire departments and auxiliary police [Read More]