Monthly Archives: April 2014

Town of Oyster Bay Adds Paper Shredding to Homeowners Cleanup Program

Town Councilman Joe Pinto is pleased to announce that there will be a Paper-Shredding Program added to the 2014 Cleanup Program for Homeowners. Residents now have the opportunity to bring any unwanted documents including old tax-returns, bills, and bank statements to be shredded free of charge for the benefit of creating a healthy environment at specific dates during the program.
“By shredding and recycling paper we can re-use the trash you have discarded instead of [Read More]

Councilman Coschignano Reminds Residents They Can Take Down Signs

Oyster Bay Town Councilman Chris J. Coschignano would like to remind residents that they don’t have to put up with the unattractiveness of signs and advertisements taped on trees and utility poles.
“Unfortunately, many people see trees, utility poles and even traffic sign posts, as a handy place to stick up their own signs and fliers,” Councilman Coschignano said. “Now as we enter the season of yard sales, block parties and other such events, many [Read More]